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What We Do

Looking for decision-makers? Leadership Directories researches contact and biographical data for hundreds of thousands of thought leaders in America - with emails, phone numbers, addresses, background information and much more.

We build web-based directories with in-depth organization profiles and verified contact information from companies, government agencies, Congressional offices, law firms, news media outlets, healthcare organizations, and nonprofits.

The universe of our data is unique. Our focus is on quality and accuracy (our content team makes up to 4,000 changes per day). You can use our data to:

  • Download up-to-date lists of c-level (CEOs, COOs, CMOs, CIOs, and more) and board members for companies and nonprofits
  • Connect to state and local officials, real estate developers, city planners, marketing executives, finance and purchasing contacts, and much more
  • Target contacts by specialty, organization size, geographic area, and more: home in on contacts in seconds using our specialized criteria and keyword search
  • Assemble business intelligence quickly: organization profiles are verified and accurate, with descriptions, number of employees, annual revenue, departmental hierarchy, and more
  • Access our extensive government data: administrators, elected officials, and appointees at the local, state, federal, congressional levels (plus up-to-date campaign and election contacts from races across the nation)


Company History 

Leadership Directories, previously known as Monitor Publishing, was founded in 1969 in Washington, DC by Donald Petrie, Robert Townsend, and William McPike. In 1972, with Donald Petrie in the role as Chairman of the Board, James E. Marsh joined as an owner and Publisher.

While maintaining its office in Washington, DC, the Company moved its headquarters to 104 Fifth Avenue in New York City. The Company was renamed Leadership Directories, Inc. in 1995. Headquarters were moved to 1407 Broadway in New York City in 2013.

In 2003, Donald Petrie was named Chairman Emeritus and William W. Cressey was elected Chairman of the Board. David Hurvitz, President of the Company since 1995, was named Chief Executive Officer and served through 2009.

Since December 2009, Gretchen G. Teichgraeber has served as Chief Executive Officer of Leadership Directories.