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Each time Leadership Directories visits AALL Conference we have a great time, thanks to seeing satisfied clients and hearing that the high-quality information we provide helps law librarians so immensely.

This time, we had a special treat to thank conference attendees

If you stopped by the Leadership Directories booth 221, you received a free copy of our 2017 Directory of State Court Clerks and County Courthouses or the 2017 Federal-State Court Directory, while supplies lasted.


Of course, we also showed quick demos of useful law librarian resources

The Leadership Library® is a trusted, accurate online database of more than 750,000 leaders across more than 150,000 government, corporate, legal, media, and nonprofit organizations. Whether an attorney needs a list of regulators within the Department of Agriculture or a partner needs to contact the CFO of a $20B energy company, The Leadership Library® is the perfect resource.


Leadership Networks® is the companion product to The Leadership Library®, connecting more than one million business, nonprofit, and government leaders through professional affiliations—helping you uncover opportunities and reveal risks. If your firm's client development team needs to know the lobbying and accounting firms used by a major pharma company, or if the board members of a nonprofit used to work for the government, Leadership Networks® is ideal for KYC and PEP compliance research.