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Federal Government Employees

How Can We Help You?


You work for the federal government and need to contact other government employees.

Perhaps you need to contact staff on the Hill that deal with legal, auditing or congressional oversight issues related to your Department. Or you may need to keep policy officials informed of executive documents as your Department works to review policy recommendations. Maybe you need to answer a senator’s or a committee’s question.

In the four Federal Agencies where I have managed, I have used the “Yellow Books” to quickly and directly keep in touch with my worldwide customers. Over the years, I have found that the information in the Leadership Directories is more accurate and detailed than what I receive directly from my customers! 

Philip J. Giza, Department of Health and Human Services

No matter which office you work for – the OES, OIG, the GSA, or even FEMA – you need the ability to locate people in the Congressional and Federal government quickly and easily. Our tools will help you swiftly create a contact list or effortlessly look up an executive’s biographical profile.


For your convenience, some important numbers for Leadership Directories:

FEDLINK Vendor #LC09D7056

FED ID # 520888981

DUNS #072 642 531



Are you located in the New York City or Washington, D.C. metropolitan areas? 

We’d be happy to drop by and do an in-house demo of our products any time at your convenience. Contact us today and we’ll set something up.