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Government Affairs Professionals

How Can We Help You?

Perhaps you want to send an e-mail to legislative directors.

Or set up a meeting to visit the staffers for House Committees.

Or mail an invitation to members who are part of a caucus.



Our legislative responsibility data for staffers helps you easily find the right channel for your message. And accurate contact information—addresses, room numbers, phone and fax numbers, and e-mails—help you reach out directly.

Leadership Directories’ products are the ultimate time-saver if you're trying to reach members and staff on Capitol Hill. We can help you find the right person in the right office quickly, so you can focus on the real work related to your issue. Our print and online tools that can help you find:

  • Detailed profiles of Members of Congress, with Hill staff and staff at state and district offices.
  • Committee and subcommittee members, with majority and minority staffers.
  • Complete membership for over 600 Congressional caucuses—information not available in any other source.



Getting a message to Congress is all about getting through to the right LA or LD


Free On-Site Demos and Training

Are you located in the New York City or Washington, D.C. metropolitan areas? We’d be happy to drop by and do an in-house demo of our products any time at your convenience. Contact us today.


Government Affairs Professionals Need to Adapt in the Post-Earmark Era


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Government Affairs Professionals Recommend:

  1. Leadership® Congress Premium

    Online and updated daily: the intuitive, affordable online directory of Capitol Hill. Search updated contact info for Congressional members, staffers (with legislative responsibility), committees and subcommittees, leadership offices. Search by contact name, organization, or keyword across the entire directory, and download your own custom lists. Request a free trial or request a sample page packet for the Congressional Yellow Book.
  2. Leadership® Federal

    Online and updated daily, this is the perfect tool for quickly locating federal employees in the Washington, D.C. area. Get the most up-to-date contact information for key decision-makers, including phone/fax numbers, emails, addresses and biographical info. Search by name or organization across the entire database. Learn more
  3. Leadership® State-Muni Premium

    This powerful online tool is perfect for lead generation, market research, recruitment, and fundraising. Search executives and board members from the largest U.S. and global public corporations, plus the largest U.S.-based private companies and high-growth corporations. Updated daily with direct contact info, and you can export your own custom lists. Learn more