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Media Librarians

How Can We Help You?


In a deadline-driven media world, you need to quickly and easily find accurate data and immediately circulate it to the journalists in your media outlet. For example:

  • Perhaps a journalist is looking for the direct dials of experts to interview for an upcoming story.
  • Or a reporter needs a contact list of a prominent individual’s network for an article they are working on.
  • You may be looking for the biographical data of government officials to assist you in fact checking a story.
  • Or a correspondent needs a quick and accurate list of international affairs specialists they can contact to get the necessary background information for a piece they are writing.

Leadership Directories provides you with up-to-date information through easy-to-use tools for handling information requests. Our searchable online databases give you the power to build and export lists, discover new ways to network, and find contacts at the click of a button.

Our networking database Leadership Networks® is perfect for media libraries – it shows you detailed, interactive maps of how and why over 1,000,000 U.S. leaders connect to each other through board membership, academic institutions, work history, family connections, and more.


Free On-Site Demos and Training

Are you located in the New York City or Washington, D.C. metropolitan areas? We’d be happy to drop by and do an in-house demo of our products any time at your convenience. Contact us today.



Media Librarians Recommend:

  1. The Leadership Library®

    Contact and biographical data for over 750,000 positions in the leading government, corporate, legal, media, and nonprofit organizations in the U.S. Fast searching, email alerts when contacts change, easy downloading of your own custom-built lists. Learn more
  2. Leadership Networks®

    An interactive, 360º view of how and why the most powerful public and private sector leaders in the U.S. are connected to each other. How are a senator and a CEO connected? Who sits on which corporate or nonprofit boards? What is the shared work or education history of two government officials? Learn more
  3. Leadership® Media Premium

    This online media directory lets you search by beat, region or media outlet to find contact information for over 60,000 news media professionals. Build and export lists to put you in contact with journalists, bloggers, producers, researchers, editors, and media executives. Learn more