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Regulatory Affairs Professionals

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Federal regulations have a direct effect on your employer’s daily operations. You need to be aware of any changes to the rules in order to ensure regulatory compliance, and we can help.

Perhaps you are planning a clinical trial of a new drug, developing packaging for a new medical device, implementing standard operating procedures in a new facility, or working with R&D to create appropriate inspection plans. You need direct access to the right contacts at key regulating agencies like the FDA, NLRB, SEC, and more.

With over 175,000 federal contacts and over 3,300 federal regulators (most listed with direct-dial and e-mail), with one call or click you can make sure you’re on the inside track with the government’s latest regulations.

Fortunately, there's a resource for keeping up with all of these changes, identifying the contacts that matter to you, and sending communications to build or maintain relationships, Leadership® Federal Insight.

  • Interactive Org Charts with 33,000+ federal offices mapped to 15 levels of hierarchy

  • Custom alerts to help you track activity in the Trump administration
    – new 
    appointees, support staff, department reorganizations, and more

  • Contact data that is updated daily—and verified directly with federal employees—so you can be confident you are working with accurate information

  • Contacts beyond Washington – regional offices, military bases, national parks, and more


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