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Research & Update Process

Every day
at Leadership Directories

35+ in-house content managers monitor 125,000+ web pages and 500+ news sources to make 4,500+ content updates:

100% of these changes are verified directly with the organization or individual affected.

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The Leadership Directories content team is divided into content managers and content developers. Content managers are assigned a specific portion of the database and are required to update it continuously, maintain its size, and increase its comprehensiveness.

Content developers are assigned research projects to add new organizations, individuals, or other information to the database.

Content managers use a continuous updating process to verify that the information listed for each organization is complete and accurate.

Each organization listed in the database has a contact person employed by the organization who reviews and updates the information listed. The content managers send these contacts a copy of the information for verification anywhere from 2-6 times per year. Sendings occur on a rolling basis, with a new batch being sent out each month, and are limited to either an 8- or 10- week cycle for return and data-entry.

Using technology, the content team monitors more 125,000 primary source websites on a daily basis. They also use technology to assist with constant email verification to ensure deliverability, uncover changes, and maintain compliance with federal laws.

The content team reviews 500+ primary and secondary news sources for leads about changes to the content.

Primary sources include press release feeds and mandated government filings.

Secondary sources are those containing information that wasn't released directly from the affected organization, including news sites, blogs, and any user-generated content.

All information received from a secondary source is always verified directly with the organization affected before being added to the database


This is a cornerstone principle of the Leadership Directories research process



Quality Pledge

Leadership Directories provides high quality, accurate and up-to-date information on the key leaders in government, business, legal, media, and nonprofit organizations in the United States.  Every item of information on more than 750,000 people and 150,000 organizations has been verified at the source. 

Michael Crosby
President & CEO 
Leadership Directories, Inc.