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Subscription Policies


Annual Subscriptions

All Leadership Directories [LDI] products are sold by annual subscription.

Leadership® in Print

An annual subscription means that LDI will fulfill either one, two, or four fully updated editions, depending on whether the directory purchased has an annual, semi-annual, or quarterly publication schedule. In either case, this translates to a full year of service.

Print subscriptions may be canceled if done so within 30 days of purchase, in writing, and with return of the unopened first edition of the subscription if that edition has been shipped or received. If paid, canceled print subscriptions will be refunded, or credit may be applied to another LDI purchase.

Leadership® Online

For Leadership® Online, an annual subscription means that LDI will provide access to the online product for one year (12 months) from the date of activation, with the initial expiration date set at either the 15th or final day of the same calendar month one year hence from the original purchase. For example, a new subscription purchased on January 18, 2016 would expire on January 31, 2017.

Leadership® Online subscriptions are, without exception, non-cancelable and non-refundable.

All purchases of additional Leadership® Credits are, without exception, non-cancelable and non-refundable.

Click to read our Sole Source documentation.

Click to read the Leadership® Online End User License Agreement.


Enterprise Access Leadership® Online Subscriptions

Leadership® Online subscriptions are licensed to organizations for enterprise access on a concurrent-user basis. This means that one or more concurrent users may be purchased, and each seat may be shared with all of an organization's employees. For large organizations such as United States government departments and agencies, LDI reserves the right to determine, in conjunction with the subscribing organization, what constitutes an organization.

With enterprise access, there is no restriction on the number of potential users of a seat, other than that they must be employed by the subscribing organization. The restriction is on the number of concurrent, meaning simultaneous, users of the purchased product, which is determined by and corresponds to the number of seats purchased.


Concurrent User Sessions

Each Leadership® Online product is sold on an independent concurrent-user basis. This means that purchasing multiple Leadership® Online products together, such as The Leadership Library® and Leadership Networks®, or enhancing an existing Leadership® Online subscription by adding an additional online product, such as adding Leadership® Federal to a subscription to Leadership® Congress, does not result in the addition of an extra concurrent user or seat, unless the price for an additional seat or seats is paid. In the first case, the subscribing organization may purchase one more seats for the two products at LDI's published rates for multiple concurrent users. In the second case, the subscriber gains access to the additional content set(s) without any increase in the number of concurrent-user seats.


Leadership® Credits

With the exception of some academic institution licenses, all Leadership® Online subscriptions include an annual allowance of export credits, also known as downloads. At the beginning of each new subscription term, the export credit allowance that is included with the subscription resets to the maximum number allowed for the term.

Unused export credits from a previous term do not roll into the subsequent term, with the following exception: If a subscriber purchases additional export credits during a subscription term, any unused balance from the purchased credits will roll into the subsequent term.

LDI will not return export credits used mistakenly or inadvertently by the subscriber. It is the subscriber's responsibility to ensure that all users of the online product understand the export process and the limited number of export credits included with the license. LDI does not activate export credits until an online subscription is paid in full.



Leadership® Online subscription access is available through IP address recognition, referring URL recognition, and username/password login credentials, or any combination of any or all of the three methods.

When subscribers access Leadership® Online subscriptions through mobile devices, such as smartphones or tablets, the mobile login occupies a concurrent-user seat.


Free Training & Support

LDI provides unlimited free training and unlimited free user guidance and technical support with all online subscriptions. LDI will conduct training onsite for subscribers located in New York and Washington, DC and web-based training for subscribers located elsewhere. Training sessions must be scheduled in advance.

The LDI product support team for Leadership® Online subscriptions is available by phone at (212) 627-4140, email, live chat, or by clicking on Support in the upper left-hand corner of the screen of each online product, Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm ET.