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"You guys are so much better than your competitors. Leadership® Companies Premium is lean, clean and mean."

Joe Klock
Business Consultant


"We fight over the Congressional Yellow Book. We cannot live without it. It is a handy, accurate reference. The access to phone numbers, addresses, and e-mails is invaluable."

Desiree Grant
Executive Assistant, Government Relations
Echostar Communications Corporation


"The Leadership Library® is part of my research cocktail. It's an important ingredient which must be included for any successful reference project. I value its currency, simplicity and accuracy. I use the Build a List feature regularly to identify the general counsel of Fortune 500 companies. I have found no other resource able to provide such precise and timely contact information. It's a recipe for success."

Julia Wotipka
Fios, Inc.



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The Leadership Library® 

"I’ve been using your products for over 15 years. I start my day by logging into The Leadership Library®, it stays on my desktop all day, and it’s the last thing I close on my computer."

Craig Brownstein


"As a recruiter in the association industry, I have been using Leadership Directories data for several years, and can testify that this outstanding service has been a major contributor to my success. The ability to export pinpointed contacts and use them to create customized mass emails has been an invaluable tool.

Without exaggeration, within 10 minutes of sending my job postings to LDI contacts I get qualified resumes! This product has been so influential in my career that recently, when my (now former) employer closed due the economy, an executive search firm scooped me up immediately due to my above-and-beyond sales production. And...they promoted me to Managing Director.

Thank you, Leadership Directories!"

Shira Harrington
Armstrong Franklin 


"With The Leadership Library®, we feel confident that we always have the most up-to-date information, saving us time wasted chasing the wrong contacts," added White. "With its broad coverage of both the private and public sectors, we have also been using it to find coalition partners for our initiatives."

Pam White, Manager, Government Affairs
BNSF Railway


"The Leadership Library® helps us do more with fewer researchers. The reliability of The Leadership Library® is quite good, as compared with other sources. It gives us a head start on a search by providing an accurate and solid starting point. The Leadership Library® has helped us identify candidates whom we might not have otherwise found."

David S. Martin, Vice President
Dinte Resources


"The Leadership Library® is by far at the top of its genre, providing the most current, specific, and detailed information available. The content has been organized for very quick, yet detailed and comprehensive, searches. Leadership Directories customer service is outstanding - and fast. The representatives are smart, proactive, and extremely helpful. The intelligence behind the whole product is palpable and the respect for speedy results is never compromised. We love it. We're junkies. We use it every day."

Connie Murray, Knowledge Manager,
Korn/Ferry International


"National Public Radio has subscribed to The Leadership Library® for several years, and we consider it an essential resource. I can't imagine how much time and effort your free 2002 Elections section saved us, since we didn't have to go poking around databases and the Internet to find all the opposition candidates."

Kee Malesky
Reference Librarian
National Public Radio


"The Leadership Directories Yellow Books have long been the best directories of Congress and the federal government. The steady expansion of new titles and now the availability of all the directories in electronic format have made The Leadership Library® essential in reference work."

Martin Dooley
Telephone Reference
Brooklyn Public Library


"The Leadership Library® is terrific. We have used it to locate contact information on people in the state and federal governments, but we have also used it to understand their roles and organizational structures. It is very useful, as it helps lead us to the right people. Plus, the training was good and really helped us."

Joe Zilincar
Assistant Chief, External Affairs
Bureau of Land Management


"As Director of Marketing Operations for Executive Education at Harvard's John F. Kennedy School of Government, I use The Leadership Library® to target prospective program participants from the federal, state, municipal, nonprofit, and corporate sectors. As such, we use The Leadership Library® for the majority of our direct mail efforts. We also use The Leadership Library® for organizational research. The Leadership Library® has consistently proven to be our best list source for reaching our target demographic."

Ed Booth
Director of Marketing Operations, Harvard University
John F. Kennedy School of Government


"I had to let you know how happy I am to see the change in the databases I download from The Leadership Library®. Separating the name field into first and last name fields saves me a lot of time when merging the database with letters. I am ecstatic! Keep up the good work!"

Lori Olivas Glenn
Governmental Affairs
Southwest Airlines Co.


"Let me congratulate you on the launch of The Leadership Library®. The transition was seamless on this end, and I appreciate you taking the time to listen to my suggestions."

Brian R. Scanlon
Director of Sales
Ipsos Public Affairs


"Thanks for your user support via the phone, e-mail and in person. The Leadership Library® saved my life last year, and I expect it will this and many other years in the future."

Vikki Kennedy Watkins
Executive Assistant Federal Affairs
The Wine Institute


Leadership® Media Premium

"I've tried other media databases, and yours is the best. The data is reliable, and I never have a problem finding the contacts I need."

Jo Procter
Associate Director for Public Affairs
Williams College


Leadership Directories Datafeeds

"Leadership Directories provides our firm with data that is essential to our legal marketing needs. But what I like most is their quarterly updates, which gives me confidence that our database is always current with accurate contact information."

Amy E. Tinsley, Marketing Director
Susman Godfrey L.L.P.


Leadership Profiles on Demand®

"The product was easy to use and offers firms with smaller budgets the chance to purchase excellent data at a reasonable price, while allowing them to bill it back to the clients."

Doris Nay
Hyman Phelps & McNamara


Congressional Yellow Book

"We fight over the Congressional Yellow Book. We cannot live without it. It is a handy, accurate reference. The access to phone numbers, addresses, and e-mails is invaluable."

Desiree Grant
Executive Assistant, Government Relations
Echostar Communications Corporation


"The Congressional Yellow Book is everything readers always wanted to know about Congress, but just could not bring themselves to ask. After its plethora of useful numbers, users will find each entry with the following information: member's name, contact information, photograph, key aides, committee assignments, organizations and state and district offices, and more. It is hard to imagine a more comprehensive guide to those who lead us by representation."

Mark Herring
American Reference Books Annual


"I have always valued my printed subscription to the Congressional Yellow Book for its accuracy and reliability, and now I'm looking forward to using The Leadership Library® with improved timeliness and convenience of use. These new products show that your organization is committed to helping customers by continually improving your product. It makes me feel good about choosing Leadership Directories as a vendor."

Steven Krikava
Government Affairs Director
Land O'Lakes


Federal Yellow Book

"The Congressional Yellow Book and the Federal Yellow Book are indispensable! With the rate of change in Washington, both listings help me get up to speed on new leaders, roles and committee assignments. Between the size of the government and the rate at which the people working inside Washington changes, no one can keep track of it without a little help. Thanks to Leadership Directories, help is on the way."

Donna Brazile
Founder and Managing Director
Brazile & Associates LLC


Municipal Yellow Book

“The copy of the Municipal Yellow Book arrived mid-morning. Thank you very much for excellent customer service! I really value this resource and your terrific response helped me move forward with the important project I am using it for. Thanks again, Gary”

Gary Cyphers
Deputy Executive Director for Communications and Member Services


Federal Regional Yellow Book

"I'm just in love with the Federal Regional Yellow Book! We used to have to search the web and make lots of calls to locate key federal contacts. Now we simply use the Federal Regional Yellow Book to have immediate - and current - access to the contacts we previously spent so much time looking for."

Sue Bailey
Marketing Manager
Acoustic Technology, Inc.


Financial Yellow Book

"I have used all the directories out there, but by far, the Financial Yellow Book is the best. It goes deeper and is more accurate for my business. It is the superior resource on the market!"

Steven Shakno
Strategic Search International, Inc.


News Media Yellow Book

"The News Media Yellow Book is an invaluable resource that I cannot live without. It is my bible for getting the job done for business, television, technology, and online clients."

Renee Edelman
Executive Vice President
Edelman Worldwide


"The News Media Yellow Book has been around a long time and I find it very helpful for identifying media outlets and the issues they cover. For example, when I want to pitch a Travel story outside my home papers in Washington DC, I flip through the pages to find papers that have Travel editors on staff. Then I’ll email them directly. The News Media Yellow Book is both online and in print, and shelved in many libraries. For easy access and up-to-date information, you should subscribe yourself."

Audrey Hoffer
Freelance Journalist


"The News Media Yellow Book helps us analyze and research key management across all facets of the media, whether print, broadcast or online. The deep biographical information, combined with the topical, geographical and other indices enables us to source emerging leaders for our clients. Engagement after engagement, we find the News Media Yellow Book an invaluable reference."

Holly M. Haygood
Vice President
Bishop Partners Executive Search


Associations Yellow Book

"With the table of contents and the extensive indices, the Associations Yellow Book is easy to use and provides a lot of information on professional associations. Business and special libraries needing this type of information will find it the most useful. For larger libraries needing directory information on the other subjects covered by Leadership Directories' other 14 titles it may be well worth the price to subscribe to The Leadership Library®, where the publisher provides daily updates."

Shannon Hysell
American Reference Books Annual


Law Firms Yellow Book

"The Law Firms Yellow Book is a wonderful tool. I use it for all of my legal search work. The Law Firms Yellow Book is much more up-to-date than the other legal search products that I've tried."

Miriam Scott
Miriam Scott Consulting


"Working for the world's leader in legal information, it is incredibly important that we have up-to-date and accurate information on the decision makers in the nation's most influential law firms. Many people throughout our enterprise consider the Law Firms Yellow Book a highly reliable source when it comes to large law firms. By using the Yellow Book, our Market Intelligence Group is able to hone in on the stakeholders who really can help direct us in improving our product and solution offerings."

W. E. S.
Coordinator of Research and Insight
Leading Legal Information Services Company


"I just wanted to let you know about my satisfaction with the Law Firms Yellow Book. I have had the good fortune to have worked not only with the books, but also with the web-based application over the last six years. They have allowed me to make better contacts, faster -- which equates to additional revenue. Being able to quickly get the information I need -- larger law firms, latest address, best contact for the application, as well as direct phone numbers and email addresses, has been invaluable."

Toni Wilson
VP of Sales


"I find the Law Firms Yellow Book to be the most comprehensive and accurate source for gaining contacts and insights into law firms. It breaks down the firm by offices and practice area, providing key decision maker contacts at each level. As a Case, Matter & Practice Management software vendor, that's critical for my being able to target specific areas within a firm. I find my dog-eared copy of the Yellow Book always has up-to-date direct telephone and email listings. I can't function without it."

Tim Walsh
Senior Account Executive


Data Quality & Miscellaneous

"I would like to thank Leadership Directories for having great products and an organization that delivers quality every time. In the four Federal Agencies where I have managed, I have extensively used the Yellow Books to quickly and directly keep in touch with my worldwide customers. Over the years, I have found that the information in the Leadership Directories is more accurate and detailed than what I receive directly from my customers!"

Philip J. Giza
Department of Health and Human Services


"Leadership Directories data is more reliable than the Internet or other sources. I can bank upon it being 100% accurate."

Vandana Ranjan, Senior Manager, National Research Services
Studley, Inc.


"The Yellow Books are a wonderful resource in our library. The books are well-organized, the indexes are extremely useful and allow the books to be very user-friendly. I find them to be an excellent reference tool."

Joanne Graham
U.S. Department of Energy Library


"I have been using your products for over 10 years. I have held positions at 3 different companies during that period of time. I have found that I use these resources every single day at my job. I have encouraged the use of these resources at each of my employers. The information on high level employees at Fortune 500 companies is crucial for me to be successful at my job. Thanks for all your efforts and I look forward to doing more business with you."

Duke Nicolian
Director, Telebusiness


"The Chamber's success depends upon relationships. We rely on Leadership Directories to provide us with the organizational and biographical information needed to help us build strong relationships both inside and outside the Beltway. We trust Leadership Directories to keep us updated every day with the most current information. We would not be the organization we are without their resources."

J.P. Moery
Senior Vice President, Federation Relations
United States Chamber of Commerce


"In my experience developing, training, and leading sales organizations, I have consistently been able to shorten sales cycles and uncover opportunities faster, using Leadership Directories content. Leadership Directories information is thorough, accurate, and up-to-date. Being able to understand a prospect's organizational structure, as well as having direct dial numbers and e-mail addresses, makes Leadership Directories the best source of prospecting information I have used. Not only has it enabled me to significantly shorten sales cycles, it has enabled me to identify unique opportunities to elevate contact levels to decision making levels."

Al Kesselman
CEO, Interactive Partners in Marketing


"Every year we put together a Publishers Showcase for faculty, alumni, and the future Human Resources executives of corporate America - our students. Vendor participation in the Showcase is by invitation only. We show your products, because we believe them to be among the best available. The utility of both your online and print products is very clear to all."

Stuart M. Basefsky
Information Specialist
ILR School, Cornell University


"Over the years, Leadership Directories has done an excellent job for my firm."

Tim Halpern, Chief Executive Officer
Comprehensive Prospect Research


Customer Service

"I never fear -- unlike a number of other service companies I work with -- I know I can get you on the other end of the phone. Within minutes, you had walked me through the process, solved my immediate problem and just as importantly, taught me what to do next time to avoid being in the situation again. All without the condescending attitude or rushed approach that is so common with other tech support centers. Thank you so much for making my life easier! I love Leadership Directories and their customer service. It's a great combination."

Mary Sarkis
Regional Vice-President Intermediary Marketing
Choice Hotels International
Silver Spring, MD


"Thank you for your quick and efficient customer service to DPM. We transact 1 billion dollars of grant payments every work day, to several of our 25,000 organizations around the world. Your product will make my job easier. A satisfied customer..."

Philip Giza, Director
Division of Payment Management-PSC-OS-HHS