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Leadership Directories lists the leading 500 colleges and universities in the United States profiling board members and top administrators including presidents, chancellors, provosts, and deans - along with direct-dial telephone numbers, emails, educational background, career history, and affiliations (when available).

We provide verified contact information for over 48,000 executives and board members gathered at the source by our in-house content managers. We include affiliation and career background information for board members. We also cover over 4,000 graduate and professional schools at each institution outlining the deans who manage them.

Refresh your mailing and contact lists with our mailing addresses, titles, direct-dial telephone and fax numbers, biographical data, affiliations, and emails (where available). All names, titles, phone and fax numbers, emails, and mailing addresses are verified by our content managers, who regularly update our database with the freshest information.

Stay up-to-date as executives move from school to school. Get facts about these educational institutions such as the number of faculty, the enrollment, the year founded, endowment, and number of employees.


products we suggest

These products are top sellers with fundraising and development professionals:

  1. Leadership® Companies Premium

    This powerful online tool is perfect for lead generation, market research, recruitment, and fundraising. Search executives and board members from the largest U.S. and global public corporations, plus the largest U.S.-based private companies and high-growth corporations. Updated daily with direct contact info, and you can export your own custom lists. Learn more
  2. Leadership® Nonprofits Premium

    The online contact directory of key U.S. leaders in nonprofit organizations. Updated daily, the database offers direct access to over 135,000 nonprofit executives and board members. Search for and download profiles that include position, title, email, career history, area of expertise, and direct contact information. Learn more
  3. The Leadership Library®

    Contact and biographical data for over 730,000 positions in the leading government, corporate, legal, media, and nonprofit organizations in the U.S. Fast searching, email alerts when contacts change, easy downloading of your own custom-built lists. Learn more
  4. Leadership® Law Premium

    Perfect for placement: this legal affairs online database connects you to managing partners, general counsels, law librarians, federal and state court staff, and more. Biographical and contact information for over 84,000 legal professionals. Find contacts in second, save your searches, and download lists for outreach and research. Learn more