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Leadership Directories' corporate data includes:

  • All U.S. public companies with annual revenue equal to or greater than $1.3 billion.
  • Some U.S. public companies with revenues ranging from $100 million to $1.3 billion, selected for various reasons:
    • Some are newsworthy or receive a significant amount of publicity; some are well-known spin-offs of larger corporations
    • Some are high-growth companies whose total revenues may be lower than industry leaders, but whose recent year-over-year revenue increases are impressive
    • Some are former industry leaders whose current revenues no longer rank them among the largest, but who remain major U.S. business operations
  • All U.S. private companies with annual revenue equal to or greater than $1 billion.
  • All non-U.S. public companies with annual revenue equal to or greater than $20 billion.
  • Many non-U.S. public companies with revenues ranging from $400 million to $20 billion, selected based on a combination of factors, including size, significance, and prominence of their business operations within the U.S.

All names, titles, phone and fax numbers, emails, and mailing addresses are verified by our expert team of content managers, who regularly update our database with the number of employees per organization, acquisitions, business descriptions, revenue, assets managed, ticker symbols, and biographical information for executive directors.

We list key executives including CEOs, CFOs, GCs, CIOs, and CTOs and cover administrative areas including marketing, human resources, benefits, purchasing, legal, computers/technology, communications, shareholder relations and many more.

Use our data to track promotions, vacancies, mergers, and new contacts. You can also find individuals in charge of purchasing, foundations, travel and meetings, government affairs, training, communications, and more.


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Leadership Companies® Premium

This powerful new business development tool is perfect for lead generation, market research, recruitment, and fundraising. Search over 135,000 executives and board members from the largest U.S. and global public corporations, plus the largest U.S.-based private companies and high-growth corporations. Updated daily with direct contact information and detailed title, affiliation, and responsibility data. Build and export customized lists of target audiences.

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The Leadership Library®

Our flagship contact database - updated daily and including over 730,000 positions from over 40,000 government, business, media, and nonprofit organizations. With a few clicks you can build and export customized lists of names, titles, addresses, phone/fax numbers, biographical data, emails, and much more.

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Leadership Networks®

Leadership Networks® is an exciting, interactive networking database of “who knows whom” in the leadership of the United States. Powered by our Leadership Library® database of accurate and up-to-date professional information, Leadership Networks® shows in a visually compelling form the type and strength of key links and connections among leaders in the public and private sectors, including board relationships, education, career history, and family ties.

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Corporate Yellow Book

Keeping up with corporate contacts has never been more important and 4 quarterly editions of the Corporate Yellow Book helps you with just that. Over 41,000 contacts, with education, contact, and outside affiliation information for management and board members.

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Financial Yellow Book

The Financial Yellow Book is a directory of the largest financial firms...complete with the leaders who run them. It connects you to over 28,000 executives and 4,400 board members at the leading financial entities in the U.S.

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Prebuilt lists and datafeeds

We’ve preselected certain job functions to give you the perfect, no-hassle way to find new contacts. Choose from mailing list, contact list, or datafeed options depending on your needs.

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Custom lists and datafeeds

Searching for a specific set of names that cut across sectors and job interests? We can help you build a customized list or datafeed that gets results.

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Leadership Profiles on Demand®

Download the latest person or organization profile in the Leadership Directories database. It’s quick, easy and doesn't require a subscription or long-term commitment.

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