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Leadership Directories’ federal data can connect you to over 170,000 contacts – in Washington and beyond.

Using the United States Government Manual as our guide, we research all 15 federal departments and 90 independent agencies. In most departments the listings are to the branch level. Depending on the organizational structure, we may list down to the section chief or team leader level. Each department and agency is its own organization. Some departments such as Commerce and Health and Human Services have Bureaus and Administrations that could be considered independent agencies.

All titles, emails, phone and fax numbers, and mailing addresses are verified and updated by our content managers. Federal listings often include areas of interest, educational and career backgrounds, and geographic locations. This includes biographical data on President Obama, Vice President Biden, the President’s senior staff, the Cabinet, and heads of numerous agencies and commissions. We identify political appointees by type: appointees who require Senate confirmation, non-career and career Senior Executive Service (SES) appointees, and Schedule C political appointees.

We can give you access to field offices, bureau branches, regional headquarters, national parks, and military installations, as well as over 170 U.S. diplomatic missions to foreign countries, U.S. ambassadors, and staff of federal departments and agencies with offices abroad.

Our online directory provides information on over 1,200 Federal programs covering over 2,800 program managers and 171 Federal advisory committees covering over 3,000 committee members, as well as interactive Org Charts that allow you to “drill down” through departments and agencies to find the contacts you need.


Leadership® Federal Insight

The direct access you need: More than 170,000 federal government officials with name, title, address, phone and email. Interactive Org Charts featuring more than 30,000 federal offices at up to 15 levels of organizational structure. Purchasing insight for offices and procurement professionals. Daily updates with highly customizable alerts deliver new contacts, emails, and more directly to your inbox each morning.

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Leadership® Federal Premium

Your connection to changes in the U.S. Federal Government. Updated daily, this database gives you expanded, up-to-date listings for over 120,000 contacts. Search by keyword, build customized lists of contacts that update automatically, and see interactive Org Charts that map out the Federal government's hierarchy. 

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The Leadership Library®

Our flagship contact database - updated daily and including over 730,000 positions from government, business, professional, media, and nonprofit organizations. With a few clicks you can build and export customized lists of names, titles, addresses, phone/fax numbers, biographical data, emails, and much more. 

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Leadership Networks®

Leadership Networks® is an exciting, interactive networking database of “who knows whom” in the leadership of the United States. Powered by our Leadership Library® database of accurate and up-to-date professional information, Leadership Networks® shows in a visually compelling form the type and strength of key links and connections among leaders in the public and private sectors, including board relationships, education, career history, and family ties.

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Federal Yellow Book

Includes contact info for over 40,000 U.S. federal positions located within the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. Quarterly updates will keep you informed of new appointees and staffers coming to D.C. in 2013.

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Federal Regional Yellow Book

Includes contact information for over 43,000 federal employees at federal departments and agencies across the nation (plus diplomatic missions, U.S. embassies, and military installations). Published semiannually, this directory features over 70 maps of federal regions.

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Prebuilt lists and datafeeds

We’ve preselected certain job functions to give you the perfect, no-hassle way to find new contacts. Choose from mailing list, contact list, or datafeed options depending on your needs.

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Custom lists and datafeeds

Searching for a specific set of names that cut across sectors and job interests? We can help you build a customized list or datafeed that gets results.

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Leadership Profiles on Demand®

Download the latest person or organization profile in the Leadership Directories database. It’s quick, easy and doesn't require a subscription or long-term commitment.

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