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From foundations to universities, museums to medical institutions, libraries to charity organizations, Leadership Directories nonprofit listings give you access to over 138,000 nonprofit leaders at 2,800 institutions. 

With the exception of the NGOs, all organizations must be US-based, independent, and registered with the IRS as a nonprofit entity. Check below to see the types of nonprofit organizations we cover.


Category/Org Type   Criteria for Inclusion

Education - Colleges and Universities 


U.S.-based public and private 4-year colleges, universities, and military academies with enrollment greater than 5,000 students. 

Education Prep Schools 


The top 60 Prep schools based on endowment. 

Cultural Institutions - Museums 


The top 125 museums based on annual attendance (minimum 500,000 visitors) or distinction of collections and exhibits. 

Cultural Institutions - Performing Arts Groups


The 100 largest Dance Companies, Orchestras, and Opera Companies based on annual budget. Dance Companies have a minimum budget of $2.5 million; Orchestras have a minimum budget of $10 million; and Opera Companies have a minimum budget of $10 million. 

Humanitarian Services - Foundations 


The top 250 foundations based on total assets. Also included are established foundations led by individuals who are members of the Giving Pledge. 

Humanitarian Services - Charities 


The top 200 charities based on annual contributions received.

Humanitarian Services - Hospitals 


The top 25 hospitals based on performance, as judged by multiple hospital industry rankings. 

Humanitarian Services - NGOs 


All NGOs that have general consultative status with the UN Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC). 

Expertise & Advocacy - Trade Associations


Over 1,100 trade and professional associations operating on a national level. Organizations must be vocational in nature (members practice similar or allied trades or professions) and have an annual operating budget of at least $2 million.  

Expertise & Advocacy - Interest Groups 


Leading interest groups based on political activity and overall influence. 

Expertise & Advocacy - Labor Unions 


All members of the AFL-CIO. 

Expertise & Advocacy - Think Tanks & Research Institutes 


Leading think tanks and research institutes chosen based on general reputation. 

Expertise and Advocacy - Super PACS 


All Independent Expenditure-Only Committees (Super PACs) that are individuals, groups, authorized committees and other political committees that have made an independent expenditure or filed a statement consistent with the language recommended in Advisory Opinion 2010-09 (Club for Growth) or Advisory Opinion 2010-11 (Commonsense Ten). 


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