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Online Products Management Center

Easily manage your Leadership® Online subscriptions using the completely new and fully redesigned Online Products Management Center.

The Online Products Management Center is the site where Account Managers for Leadership® Online subscriptions can manage their users’ login and exporting rights, monitor real-time site activity, and access user statistics.

This guide will walk you through the screens of the site and describe the features in detail, including:

  • How to log in
  • How to add users and manage export credits
  • How to run usage statistics and email them to yourself and colleagues
  • How to monitor activity real-time


Questions? Our tech support team is here to help: 
(212) 627-4140 or (202) 347-7757 or techsupport@leadershipdirectories.com


Log In

Access the Online Products Management Center online at https://lo-admin.bvdep.com. You can link to it through the ‘Toolbox’ feature within the products or bookmark the URL. If you’ve never logged in the Administrative Site before, now is a great time to try the new site.
If you are an Account Manager, you can use the same username and password to access either the Online Products Management Center or your Leadership® Online product subscription. Contact us if you have any questions.
Bookmark this URL:
Text Box: The username and password you currently use to log in to the Administrative site will also give you access to the new Online Products Management Center.

View Your Account

As soon as you log in you will see the account overview, which offers a snapshot of statistics for the entire account and a display of account settings. Settings and statistics are also displayed per product. Use the silver buttons mid-screen to view the User List, see detailed Usage Statistics, or to Add Users.


View and Edit Current Users

Account Managers can view all users on their account by clicking the ‘User List’ button. Click ‘View’ next to the user’s name to access the ‘User Details’ screen to edit the information, product access, and user name for each user. Click the ‘Generate’ button to send a user a link to create a new password.


Add New Users

Account Managers can add new users by clicking the ‘Add User’ button.

  1. Fill in the requested fields. As account manager, you can set users as ‘read-only’ by unchecking the 'Exporting Allowed' option. Click Next.
  2. Finalize the user set-up on Step 2.
    This page includes a copy of the email that will be sent to the user to inform them of how to log in and how to set up their password. You can customize this email with a note if you’d like.

Check Real Time Activity

Account Managers can access the Real Time Activity Report from under the ‘Statistics’ menu. This report shows an overview of your account’s activity for the day as well as any users currently logged in. Account managers have the option to log users out from this screen if they need to create an available seat.


Run Statistics

Account Managers can click the ‘Usage Statistics’ button to see an overview of activity on the account, broken down by product and user. The default view is 30 days, but you can easily change the duration, user selection, and product selection.

From this screen you can click to download or print this report, or even email yourself or colleagues a copy of these statistics.


Manage Export Credits

For accounts that use the optional setting for ‘User-Based’ exporting rights, the screen for managing credits now provides an overview of all users on the account and allows account managers to assign or remove export credits for all on one simple screen.

From the ‘User Details’ screen, click the ‘Manage’ link to access the Credits management screen. On the Credits Management Screen you can set users as read-only, assign credits, or refund credits from the user to the account.