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'Federal Government Officials' Job Function Code Hierarchy Added


Leadership Directories constantly updates the Leadership® Federal database with fresh content and advanced features.


We added some new ways to apply searches across a particular level of people within the federal government, specifically including and excluding positions of a certain level of responsibility.


We created a new Job Function Hierarchy in the Build-A-List feature that unites three job functions under one heading - Federal Government Officials - these codes are live today in Leadership® Federal Government Premium:

  • https://lo.bvdep.com/s.gifFederal Government Officials 
    • Federal Department and Agency Leadership
    • Federal Government Executives and Administrators
    • Federal Managers, Regulators, and Support 

For now, they can be crossed with codes or criteria on other indexes (org type, org subject, budget, expertise, etc.) very easily, but to be crossed with other job functions customers will need to use Boolean logic.

The definition for each new job function code is as follows:

  • Federal Government Officials: This tag is applied to officials that lead and support the leadership of the many departments, sub-cabinet level agencies, and independent agencies that make up the US Federal Government.
  • Federal Department and Agency Leadership: This tag is applied to the high-ranking senior leadership of the federal government. This includes Cabinet Secretaries, Principal Deputy Secretaries, Deputy Secretaries, Assistant Secretaries, and Under Secretaries; Heads and Deputy Heads of Federal Department Bureaus and Agencies; and Presidential Appointees and Presidential Appointees requiring Senate confirmation.
  • Federal Government Executives and Administrators: This tag is applied to the government executives that make up the policy-making, managerial, and decision-making level of the federal departments, sub-cabinet level agencies, and independent agencies. This includes Federal Administrators, Policy Makers, and C-Suite positions; Career Senior Executive Service positions, Non-Career Senior Executive Service positions, and Career Senior Foreign Service positions; and Assistant/Associate Vice Presidents, Vice Presidents, Senior Vice Presidents, and Executive Vice Presidents.
  • Federal Managers, Regulators, and Support: This tag is applied to the key positions that support the mission of the executive and managerial level of the US Federal Government.  This includes Federal Regulators, Program Managers, Schedule C Appointees, Chiefs of Staff, General Counsels, Inspectors General, and Communications staff.