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Leadership Lists®

Opt-In E-mail Lists

Leadership Lists® opt-in e-mail service gives you access to over 430,000 e-mail addresses. You choose your prospects and provide us with the e-mail you want delivered. Our service bureau sends out the message and delivers you a report of the total number sent, as well as your open rates and click-through rates. 100% opt-in. 100% deliverability guaranteed.
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Mailing and Contact Lists

Leadership Lists® mailing and contact lists supply you with address, telephone, and fax information. Choose to build a custom list, or order a pre-selected list online, then choose the type of contact information you need. We'll deliver the file to your inbox. See below for more information.

Custom Lists

Create a customized prospect list to help you achieve your sales, marketing, or lobbying goals.

Select individuals from our database of over 900,000 leaders at government, business, professional and nonprofit enterprises for your next direct mail or telemarketing project. The selection of data you desire can be reached in just a few steps - you define how broad or how precise you would like your selection to be. Then select the format and delivery, based on the amount of data you need and how you plan to use it.


1. Select a Leadership List® that best suits your needs.


Directory Lists

  List Name
1. Master File (all data available)
2. Congressional Leadership List®   9. Financial Leadership List®
3. Federal Leadership List®   10. News Media Leadership List®
4. State Leadership List®   11. Associations Leadership List®
5. Municipal Leadership List®   12. Law Firms Leadership List®
6. Federal Regional Leadership List®   13. Government Affairs Leadership List®
7. Judicial Leadership List®   14. Foreign Representatives Leadership List®
8. Corporate Leadership List®   15. Nonprofit Sector Leadership List®


Specialized Lists

  List Name
1. Attorneys, General Counsels, Lawyers, and other Legal Professionals   8. Finance Decision-Makers
2. CEOs   9. Homeland Security, Emergency Services Professionals
3. C-Suite at top U.S. Corporations   10. Human Resources Decision-Makers
4. Education Professionals   11. IT, Computers, MIS, and Information Systems Decision-Makers
5. Elected Officials   12. Marketing, Sales Decision-Makers
6. Executives and Decision-Makers in the
top U.S. Corporations, Associations,
and Non-Profit Organizations
  13. Public Relations Professionals
7. Female Executives in U.S. Business,
Government and Nonprofit Organizations
  14. U.S. Government Executives


2. If desired, refine your list by selecting additional criteria:

  • Organization Type, such as Federal Government; Foundation; or Private Corporation
  • Organization Subject, such as Computers, Technology; Defense; or Hotels, Motels, Resorts, Casinos
  • Geographical, such as State; SCF; or Zip Code

See each data card for a complete list of all criteria available for each Leadership List®

3. Choose the format that best suits your requirements:

Mailing List (One-Time Use )


Includes name, title, and complete mailing address. File may be used only once. $50 processing fee. Minimum Order 2,000 names ($650)

Contact List (Unlimited Use For One Year)


Includes name, title, complete mailing address, telephone number, and fax number. File may be used for one year. $50 processing fee. Minimum Order 2,000 names ($850)
E-mail List
We’ll send your e-mails for you and provide reports on click-through and open rates. 1-time opt-in email blast. Opt-in and CAN-SPAM compliant.
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Minimum Order 2,000 names ($1,000)

Choose to have your list delivered as labels ready for mailing, a comma-delimited file shipped to your service bureau, or an Excel file e-mailed to your desktop. Please allow 3-4 business days for your order to be processed.

For more information, to request counts, or receive assistance from an account executive, please contact us by e-mail,
telephone (212) 627-4140, fax (212) 645-0931, or submit a Leadership Lists® information request form.

Leadership Lists® Guarantee:

We guarantee that the information in our lists is current and accurate, and that the addresses are deliverable up to the date that the list is updated. We will reimburse mailers for postage on returns upon receipt of cancelled mail.



Leadership Lists® Pre-Selects are prepackaged lists created from the same high-quality data as custom lists—but we’ve made it easy for you to order by preselecting job functions most valued by sales, marketing, and government affairs professionals. Select a prepackaged list to quickly receive a prospect list that fits your needs.

Below are the prepackaged lists currently available. Click on a list name for more information on quantity, pricing, and delivery options, and to quickly order online:

  List Name
1. U.S. Congress on the Hill   13. Chief Information Officers (CIO)
2. U.S. Congress on the Hill with Primary
Staff Member
  14. Federal Administrators
3. U.S. Congress and all Staff Members
(Hill and District)
  15. Federal and State Judges
4. U.S. Congress with all Committee
and Subcommittee Assignments
  16. General Counsel
5. U.S. Congress with Committee Assignments   17. Government Computers, Information
Technology (IT) Decision-Makers
6. U.S. Congressional Committee Chairs   18. Government Purchasing, Procurement,
and Contracts Professionals
7. U.S. Congressional State and District
Offices (One staff member contact per office)
  19. Meeting, Event and Conference Planners
8. U.S. Congressional Committee and Subcommittee Staff   20. News Media Reporters by Assignment/Beat
9. Career Senior Executive Service
(SES) Appointees
  21. Professional Development and Training
10. CEOs at the leading 1,000 US Corporations   22. Purchasing and Procurement Professionals
11. Charitable Giving, Contributions Professionals   23. Real Estate, Facilities Management
12. Chief Financial Officers (CFO)   24. Top Federal Government Officials