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Opt-in E-mail Lists

Leadership Lists® opt-in e-mail service gives you access to over 230,000 e-mail addresses. Choose your prospects and provide us with the e-mail you want delivered. Our service bureau sends out the message and delivers you a report of the total number sent, as well as your open rates and click-through rates.
  • Be compliant with CAN-SPAM laws: all e-mail addresses are verified as 100% opt-in
  • Pay for only what you get: 100% deliverability is guaranteed - you will not pay for bounce-backs
  • Target only the contacts you need: The Leadership Lists® opt-in e-mail file is fully selectable, with all the same detailed criteria you've used in the past when building your files-including job function, location, gender, and industry
  • Track the effectiveness of your campaign: Receive a report that shows you the number of times your message was opened, and how many times each link contained in your message was clicked
  • Get your message through: provide us with both HTML and text versions of your e-mail and our service bureau will substitute the text version for recipients who can't receive HTML
  • Only 50¢ per contact, Leadership Lists® opt-in e-mail service is a great addition to your communication strategy

Click here for the Leadership Lists® E-mail Masterfile Datacard - which includes rates, available selections, and quantities.

To learn more about how Leadership Lists® opt-in e-mail service can help you, call us at (212) 627-4140 or email us.


Cost: $0.50 per contact. This includes the cost of the data and transmission. Image file hosting is extra ($250).

Leadership Lists offers a 100% deliverability guarantee.


All orders must be pre-paid. Customers will not be charged for bounced e-mails. All customers will receive a report of delivered e-mails following the broadcast. Leadership Directories (LDI) will get pre-authorization on the customer’s credit card prior to broadcast and will adjust the final cost of the order to reflect the bounced e-mails.

Please note we can not adjust for drops due to matches to suppression files. Definition of “Bounce” Types Total count of “Soft Bounces” and “Hard Bounces” e-mails will be supplied on Broadcast Results.

-Soft Bounces are deemed to be temporary in nature and can include such types of errors as mailbox full, connection lost, server temporarily unavailable, etc.

-Hard Bounces are more than likely permanent situations and can include such types of errors as no such user, domain does not exist, no such server, etc.


All customers must fill out the form “Leadership Lists E-mail Intake Form” in its entirety and return it to Leadership Directories (lists@leadershipdirectories.com) before the broadcast will be sent.

All e-mails must be compliant with the CAN SPAM Act of 2003. For more information on compliance, please refer to the “Leadership Lists CAN SPAM Compliance” document.

Messages can be personalized with recipient’s First Name and Last Name upon request. Mailers can choose to provide HTML or text e-mails or both. When both are provided, if the recipient’s e-mail browser can render HTML, HTML is delivered. If not, text is substituted.


Technical Specifications for e-mail creative



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