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Pre-Select Lists

  Mailing List Contact List Datafeed
One-Time Use Unlimited Use
for One Year
Unlimited Use for One Year + Quarterly Updates
  List Name Appx. Qty. Name, Title, Organization, and Address Mailing List + Phone, Fax * Contact List + Email, Job Function, Leadership® ID *
1. U.S. Congress on the Hill 541 Contact Us 
2. U.S. Congress on the Hill with Primary Staff Member 1,100 Contact Us 
3. U.S. Congress and all Staff Members (Hill and District) 11,000 Contact Us 
4. U.S. Congress with all Committee and Subcommittee Assignments 3,800 Contact Us 
5. U.S. Congress with Committee Assignments 1,800 Contact Us 
6. U.S. Congressional Committee Chairs 46 Contact Us 
7. U.S. Congressional State and District Offices (One staff member contact per office) 1,400 Contact Us 
8. U.S. Congressional Committee and Subcommittee Staff 1,700 Contact Us 
9. Career Senior Executive Service (SES) Appointees 4,500 Contact Us 
10. CEOs at the leading 1,000 US Corporations 2,300 Contact Us 
11. Charitable Giving, Contributions Professionals 1,000 Contact Us 
12. Chief Financial Officers (CFO) 5,900 Contact Us 
13. Chief Information Officers (CIO) 2,600 Contact Us 
14. Federal Administrators 2,600 Contact Us 
15. Federal and State Judges ** 6,200 Contact Us 
16. General Counsels 4,500 Contact Us 
17. Government Computers, Information Technology (IT) Decision-Makers 7,000 Contact Us 
18. Government Purchasing, Procurement, and Contracts Professionals 3,200 Contact Us 
19. Meeting, Event and Conference Planners 2,500 Contact Us 
20. News Media Reporters by Assignment/Beat up to 19,000 Contact Us Contact Us Contact Us 
21. Professional Development and Training Professionals 3,200 Contact Us 
22. Purchasing and Procurement Professionals 5,600 Contact Us 
23. Real Estate, Facilities Management Professionals 4,500 Contact Us 
24. Top Federal Government Officials 90 Contact Us 

* Direct-dial, fax, and email are provided when available.
** Also includes educational background and career history.