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Leadership Networks®

  • Networking database with over 1,000,000 leaders across the public and private sectors
  • Strengthen B2B contacts, map connections and gather information on the people and organizations most important to you
  • Use your connections to make new connections - discover common links and find the most effective path from yourself to key decision-makers
  • Perfect tool for recruiters, business-to-business sales and marketing teams, financial professionals and researchers

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The Only Networking Tool You Need

Leadership Networks® shows, in a visually compelling form, the type and strength of key links and connections among decision-makers and support staff.

Anyone who needs to get a meeting or contact a hard-to-reach executive will appreciate the value of Leadership Networks®.


A World of Connections

  • 1,000,000 people listed
  • 200,000,000 career connections
  • 3,000,000 leadership connections
  • 30,000 current membership connections
  • 150,000 board membership connections
  • 250,000 education connections
  • 24,000 family connections

Search profiles from congressional, federal, state, municipal, judicial, corporate and financial, media, association and nonprofit, law firm, government affairs, and foreign representative sectors. 


How can you use Leadership Networks®?

Networks is “clickable” and interactive - scroll over people icons for contact and biographical info, or scroll over the muliticolored nodes to see exactly how and why people are connected to each other. Click on any of the individual icons on the screen and you’ll shift to that person’s galaxy of contacts and affiliations.

  • Identify opportunities - find people you know, then see who they know in order to establish a connection
  • Follow the flow of influence - understand how public and private sector organizations are linked through key individuals
  • Fuel your research  - see who sits on boards together, who shares a work history, how family relations play into business, and more
  • Contact decision-makers - people and organization profiles include all of our verified contact and biographical information, including emails, phone numbers, addresses, and more
    • 500,000 verified emails
    • 238,000 direct-dials


Map your path

Reach a targeted individual by using the Map a Path feature, which uses an intelligent algorithm to calculate degrees of separation and relationship strengths to immediately reveal the strongest paths to an individual. Paths branch out on the screen, and depending on the individual's network you can scroll through different maps to see connections.

You can also map paths between organizations - see the strongest connections between one person and an entire organization, or the personal connections that exist between two organizations. Just enter in the organization names and click “Map Path to.”



Built-in Relationship Intelligence

Our proprietary algorithm attaches quantified values to connections such as board memberships, educational background, career history, and family ties, which are then reflected in the design of the Leadership Networks® interface so that users can immediately discern different relationship strengths.

  • Deep biographical profiles on executives and government leaders often include career history, affiliations, pictures, the universities they’ve attended, membership in particular organizations, date of birth and gender, geographic area in which they’re based, and more
  • Display and leverage the extended professional networks of powerful individuals such as corporate executives or top government officials
  • Gain competitive advantage by being up to date with new networks formed from executive and board member turnover, promotions, new hires, and more
  • Access the networks of the people you need using various simple search options
  • Use View a Person’s Network to quickly find someone by name
  • Use View an Organization to see all people currently employed or affiliated with a particular organization
  • Find people by their potential connections using View a Network to search current employment or affiliation, board membership, current membership, career history, and educational backgroundSearch for people by title, current employment or affiliation, job function, area of expertise, organization type, industry, and location
  • Use Keyword Search to cast a general search across all the information
  • Prepare for meetings and presentations by Exporting and Printing versions of an individual’s network and take the information you need with you 


Subscription is for one-year term and includes unlimited look-ups, searching, browsing, and path-mapping

Download records for use during subscription - perfect for phone-mail-email outreach campaigns

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