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Release Notes

View release notes for Leadership® Online product upgrades below.

Most improvements are brought to the attention of the LDI Products Team by users of Leadership® Online. We value this feedback very highly and incorporate users’ comments and requests into our ongoing product improvement plans. The LDI Products Team wants Leadership® Online to be a useful and beneficial resource for its users, so please log in today to experience the upgrades and share your thoughts.

The LDI Products Team, located in our NYC and DC offices, personally handles all support, has direct access to the LDI content staff and programmers, and plans and implements all enhancements. Outside of the products, we can be reached via email or at (800) 627-0311.


15.0 Release Notes

New Features and Faster Access


December 11, 2017



  • All Leadership products now share an improved, responsive main page
  • Search results, profiles, and alerts are easier to read
  • New icons, labels, increased text size, and improved hierarchy so you can find what you need faster


  • Click in the search bar and see search suggestions; type your search terms and see new results appear instantly
  • Search results now show counts for total positions and unique people
  • Profiles for people show more information immediately, saving you time clicking
  • Emailer design tool keeps your place
  • Our live chat service now appears on the login screen and Online Product Management Center


  • Leadership by Level allows you to combine Job Function such as Human Resources with level such as VP
  • Within Organization Type, select the Top 100 Law Firms or Top 200 Law Firms code to quickly find contacts at only the largest firms by revenue and number of attorneys
  • Select the Job Function State Government Leadership or City and County Leadership to view just the high-level officials in state and local government


  • Sort your alerts by date or name
  • Create custom alerts straight from the User Options dropdown
  • Get notified when people you know, or want to know, change jobs


  • Now you can map paths to leadership without waiting, thanks to a new engine
  • New interface helps you find and export the networks of the people you need to know



14.82 Release Notes

Leadership Networks® Now Much Faster


September 5, 2017


This release focused exclusively on Leadership Networks® (LN). The product now runs on a new engine with increased performance.

Log into LN today, and you will notice a substantial increase in the speed of searches for people and organizations, as well as the mapping of paths. Each visualization or results list now takes two seconds or less to appear on a typical system.


14.81 Release Notes

2017 Leadership® 1000


August 22, 2017


Leadership Directories published the 2017 list of the 1,000 largest companies that are headquartered in the U.S., ranked by total annual revenues and other income reported by June 1 of the current year.

Available in: The Leadership Library® & Leadership® Companies Premium


  • Official revenue totals and current rankings
  • Easily track a company's standing over the last four years
  • Interactive chart that can be viewed and sorted according to personal preferences and easily exported or printed
  • Quickly connect to a company's full listing, which includes business description, social media, biographies, and contact information
  • Build lists of Leadership® 1000 contacts, set up custom alerts of management shakeups, or download records


Click here for the full rankings

14.8 Release Notes

Main Page Updates and New 1-Clicks


July 12, 2017

All subscribers to The Leadership Library®, Leadership® Congress Premium, Leadership® Federal Premium, Leadership® Federal Insight, and Leadership® State-Muni Premium now have access to an upgraded design and new search options.

Each product features direct links to the most powerful tools Leadership® Online has to offer. You can access our Build a List page, set up custom Leadership Alerts®, explore our Federal Org Charts, or create a personalized email sending via Leadership® Emailer, all right from the main page of the product.

The new Leadership® Online main pages now feature links to custom tools designed to help you get the specific information you need as fast as possible. Use the blue buttons to select from our Power Searches that can quickly help you build a list of congressional staff, find management at major corporations, explore lobbying firms, and even find out who is moving from the private to the public sector, and back again, via The Revolving Door.

Subscribers to The Leadership Library®, Leadership® Congress Premium, Leadership® Federal Premium, and Leadership® Federal Insight also have access to our new 1-Click Lists and Alerts. After the 2016 Elections, hundreds of Leadership® Online clients used our 1-Click Lists and Alerts to stay on top of all the changes taking place across the US Government. By popular demand, we are bringing the feature into the future, by allowing users to set up some of our most popular searches, and be alerted to changes to important contacts, right from the main page!

Click here for full v14.8 release notes

14.7 Release Notes

Bug Fixes and Minor Enhancements


April 27, 2017

In addition to general bug fixes and performance enhancements, this release included:

  • Streamlined login to Online Products Management Center via Leadership® Online
  • Synchronized tooltip icons across the Leadership® Online product suite
  • Snapchat icon added to social media on organization and people documents
  • Updated Leadership Alerts® software
  • Text updates

14.6 Release Notes

Elections Update Schedules and 1-Clicks


November 3, 2016

This release added elections update schedules and 1-clicks to our government products.

For Elections 2016, Leadership® Online launched a new series of tools, 1-Click Lists and 1-Click Alerts, to provide users with streamlined access to the most up-to-date post-election information available.

Click ‘View List’ to instantly see all of the contacts for that 1-Click List displayed on the Preview screen with current contact information to use now, as well as contact details for the new roles they will officially assume in January 2017.

Every time you view a 1-Click List, the Preview screen always reflects the most recently updated version of all information available in Leadership® Online that day.

1-Click Lists live up to their name: All the criteria needed to display each list is pre-set, so you can quickly find election results or monitor post-election developments without worrying about selecting tags or modifying settings.

All of the columns displayed on the Preview screen are pre-selected as well, chosen to provide all of the most relevant data elements for each specific set of newly elected officials and staff.

The results for each 1-Click will change each day, especially following times when announcement activity is at peak levels, such as the first few days after Election Day or when committee assignments are released. Refer to the Elections Update Schedule to know when certain updates will be reflected in Leadership® Online

14.5 Release Notes

Streamlined and Extra Secure


October 5, 2016

14.4 Release Notes

Empowering Emailer & Squashing Bugs


June 1, 2016

14.31 Release Notes

Control the Past


April 20, 2016

14.3 Release Notes

Sleeker, Faster, Easier


March 15, 2016

14.2 Release Notes

Subscription Upgrade: More Access, More Features, More Value


January 4, 2016

14.1 Release Notes

Social media icons, updated Congressional Calendars


December 2, 2015

14.0 Release Notes

Improvements for the Online Products Management Center (OPMC)


October 28, 2015

13.2 Release Notes

This release focused on enhancements to Leadership® Federal Insight.


August 12, 2015

13.1 Release Notes

The big news is we published the 2015 edition of our Leadership® 1000 ranking.


July 22, 2015