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Federal Regional Yellow Book

  • This in-depth regional federal government directory helps you reach federal employees beyond the Beltway
  • Search for those hard-to-find U.S. Marshals, Attorneys, Foundation Trustees, and newly confirmed ambassadors
  • Access to over 170 diplomatic mission listings to foreign countries
  • Emails, phone numbers, addresses, and more

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Who's who in the federal government's departments, agencies, diplomatic missions, military installations and service academies outside of Washington, DC

  • All mailing addresses, titles, direct-dial telephone and fax numbers, biographical data, and emails are verified by our in-house editorial staff
  • Over 40,000 regional directors and administrative staff members at federal departments and agencies, including field offices, regional headquarters, military installations, plus U.S. embassies and foreign service posts.
  • Find your counterpart in a regional federal office who handles education, the interior, justice, transportation, energy, employment, and more.
  • Stay current with key senate confirmations for the appointments of dozens of new Ambassadors, U.S. Attorneys, U.S. Marshals, and Foundation Trustees
  • Stay up-to-date with pending confirmations, withdrawn nominations, recess appointments, new office locations, and personnel shifts
  • Over 70 maps of federal regions and a comprehensive geographical location index
  • Get direct access to over 170 U.S. diplomatic missions to foreign countries, as well as U.S. ambassadors and staff of federal departments and agencies with offices abroad
  • Our easy-to-use code system makes it easy to determine types of government appointees
  • Over 9,000 fax numbers included


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