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Municipal Yellow Book

  • Newly updated: the municipal government contact directory of cities, counties, and independent authorities
  • Updates on new mayors and local leaders
  • Emails, phone numbers, addresses and more

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From coast to coast, the Municipal Yellow Book gives you invaluable contact and biographical information for city and county governments and local authorities

Published twice a year, the directory lists over 33,000 elected and administrative officials, including:

Individuals in mayoral offices, local authorities, county executive offices, economic development boards, city councils, commissions, agencies, and more!

  • All mailing addresses, titles, direct-dial telephone and fax numbers, biographical data, and emails are verified by our in-house editorial staff
  • We make it easy to understand how local governments are structured, with clear delineations between departments, commissions, agencies, subdivisions, and branches 
  • Are you looking to sell to particular markets? Search by population size, region of the country, educational and career backgrounds of elected officials, or type of office
  • Stay up-to-date with new mayors, county executives, and heads of local authorities elected or appointed
  • Reference term expiration dates, budgets, city and county populations, and more
  • Reach out to officers and boards of local authorities responsible for power and water, housing, utilities, transit, ports, and more
  • Plan the next year’s strategy by knowing election types and term expiration dates
  • Coded symbols indicate elected officials as well as their appointees
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