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State Yellow Book

  • The state government directory - all 50 states plus U.S. territories
  • Emails, phone numbers, plus career and education background
  • Incoming governors and state executive/legislative positions
  • Committee assignments
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Reach 59,000 contacts in the executive and legislative branches of the 50 state governments

Verified, up-to-date directories, published quarterly

  • All mailing addresses, titles, direct-dial telephone and fax numbers, biographical data, and emails are verified by our DC- and NYC-based staff
  • Over 7,000 state legislators, and target your message by district, education, occupation, affiliation, and committee assignments – plus get member lists of standing committees
  • Find decision-makers and administrative contacts in the executive branches that are responsible for budgets and purchasing
  • Find officials and their aides by their area of responsibility - finance, transportation, human services, economic development, utilities, education, wildlife and fisheries, and much more...
  • Monitor appointments and special elections that reshape both state and national politics, giving you updates about staffing changes, seat vacancies, and the reasons for and dates of special elections
  • Conveniently reference facts about the electoral cycle, such as legislative calendars, reelection years for governors, party control of state government, states with term limits, and more...
  • Our easy-to-reference code system helps you distinguish elected officials from appointed officials (designated separately by type of appointment)
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