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Leadership Library® in Print

  • The 14-volume library of yellow books puts all the contact information you ever need for business-to business development for government, media, nonprofits, corporations and more at your fingertips
  • Emails, phone numbers, biographical information and more for over 470,000 individuals at over 100,000 organizations spanning the private and public sectors
  • Use the entire library of print directories to research organizational structures, hierarchies, and contact information for corporate, legal, nonprofit, and public organizations
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All of the information in The Leadership Library® in Print is verified with a source at each organization prior to the publication of each edition. This gives you remarkably accurate contact information, including name, title, address, room number, telephone and fax numbers, and e-mail (where available).


A constantly-updated library consisting of 38 total printed volumes per year

A must for biographical researchers, librarians, government offices, and reference professionals

Easy to use, with over 55 indices which allow you to search according to geography, industry, and more

A cost-saver if you are purchasing several directories - you can save 40% over the cost of the directories purchased individually


Includes updates throughout the year of these 14 volumes:

  1. Congressional Yellow Book (quarterly)
  2. Federal Yellow Book (quarterly)
  3. Federal Regional Yellow Book (semiannual)
  4. State Yellow Book (quarterly)
  5. Municipal Yellow Book (semiannual)
  6. Corporate Yellow Book (quarterly)
  7. Financial Yellow Book (semiannual)
  8. Associations Yellow Book (semiannual)
  9. Nonprofit Sector Yellow Book (semiannual)
  10. Law Firms Yellow Book (semiannual)
  11. News Media Yellow Book (quarterly)
  12. Government Affairs Yellow Book (semiannual)
  13. Foreign Representatives in the U.S. Yellow Book (semiannual)
  14. Judicial Yellow Book (semiannual)
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