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News Media Yellow Book

  • Over 38,000 reporters, writers, editors, and producers in the leading national news media.
  • Your go-to resource for when you need to contact reporters, editors and media executives
  • Newspapers, television and radio stations, publishing companies, online publications, periodicals and non-U.S. media outlets
  • Emails, phone numbers, addresses, and more


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The News Media Yellow Book is the nation's leading personnel directory of national news media organizations. Updated quarterly editions give you complete contact information for reporters, writers, editors, and producers in the leading national news media. All of the information listed in the News Media Yellow Book is verified directly with each organization listed.

The news media business changes every day, and quarterly editions of the News Media Yellow Book give you complete contact information for over 38,000 reporters, writers, editors, and producers in the leading national news media. All mailing addresses, titles, assignments, telephone and fax numbers, biographical data, and emails are verified by our in-house editorial staff.

The News Media Yellow Book gives you detailed breakdowns of media organizations by news desks, departments, bureaus, and sections. You'll find accurate listings from nine types of media outlets: news services, newspapers, networks, television stations, radio stations, programs, periodicals, non-U.S. media, and publishers.

Are you selling to media organizations? Find contacts for circulation, IT, training, facilities, libraries and information centers, public relations, and recruitment. You can also search the biographical appendix with photographs and contact and career information for leading journalists.

  • The News Services Section features 59 feature syndicates, newspaper chains, news wires, online services, and Washington bureaus, including Associated Press, Bloomberg News, and King Features. 
  • The Newspapers Section covers 178 daily and ethnic newspapers, from The Advocate to the Wyoming Tribune-Eagle.
  • The Networks Section profiles 97 television, cable, and radio networks; all-news channels; news bureaus; and television production companies from ABC Radio Networks and A & E Television Networks and ZDNet Inc. 
  • The Television Stations Section lists more than 182 television stations with station executives, news executives, bureau chiefs, reporters, and programs. 
  • The Radio Stations Section lists more than 206 radio stations with news executives, anchors and reporters, and programs. 
  • The Programs Section covers independently produced and syndicated programs.
  • The Periodicals Section includes more than 769 association, consumer, government, and trade magazines; newsletters; and trade and weekly newspapers.
  • The Non-U.S. Media Section lists the headquarters plus U.S. bureaus of over 171 foreign-owned media, including cable news channel Al Jazeera (Qatar), newspaper The Globe and Mail (Canada), and network NHK (Japan). 
  • The Publishers Section includes 79 publishers of directories, magazines, and newsletters, including American City Business Journals, Inc. and John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 
  • The Biographical Appendix lists over 167 independent journalists and columnists with photograph and contact, column, and career information.

Publisher's reference ISBN# 978-0-87289-266-8

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