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The Leadership® 1000 ranking is determined and published annually by Leadership Directories, Inc. The list includes the 1,000 largest companies that are headquartered in the U.S., ranked by total annual revenues and other income reported by June 1 of the current year.


Research Methodology: The Leadership® 1000 ranking is compiled each year by Leadership Directories’ internal team of corporate data content managers. All six members of this team are full-time researchers that specialize in collecting and verifying data for companies. Consideration for the Leadership® 1000 ranking is open to publicly-traded and privately-held for-profit companies across all industries. Subsidiary companies and companies with corporate headquarters outside of the U.S. are not eligible for consideration.

Revenue figures for the company’s most recent completed fiscal year must be supplied directly to Leadership Directories prior to June 1 for inclusion in the ranking being compiled. Most revenues reflect the previous calendar year, but due to variances in fiscal year timing and reporting schedules, some may reflect the year prior to that.

Public company revenues are verified using figures listed within the operating results or operating statement portion of 10-K reports filed directly with the SEC. Companies use different terminology to report their revenues, but for most companies, our research team records the figure referred to as “total revenues” or “net sales” or “total revenues and other income” as the published revenue. When reviewing 10-K filings for public companies in the financial industry that don’t report their financial results in terms of revenues, our researchers combine the “total interest income” and “total noninterest income” figures to generate the published revenue.

Private company revenues are researched directly with representatives of the organization. Every effort is made to update private company revenues, but in cases where revenue cannot be confirmed through a primary source (either an authorized spokesperson or company-published report), the members of our research team use their discretion to determine if the most recent figure reported by the company is acceptable for consideration or if the organization must be excluded from that year’s ranking.

As with all of the information published by Leadership Directories, revenue figures reported by secondary sources are not considered and not included.