Deb Halliday, Community Learning Partnerships Policy Advisor, Office of Public Instruction [OPI], State of Montana
Deb Harvey, Administrative Officer, Iowa - Southern District, Executive Office for United States Attorneys [EOUSA], United States Department of Justice [DOJ]
Deb Hastings, Director, Board of Directors, The Austin Symphony Orchestra [ASO]
Deb Henningson, Training Specialist, Court Staff, Eighth Judicial District, Minnesota District Courts
Deb Hennrikus, Associate Editor, Addiction
Deb Hiatt, Clerk of Court, Warren County Circuit Court, Indiana Circuit Courts
Deb Holland, Graphic Artist, Electrical Apparatus Service Association, Inc. [EASA]
Deb Holtz, Long-Term Care Ombudsman, Continuing Care, Minnesota Department of Human Services [DHS], State of Minnesota
Deb Hubbell, Member-at-Large, Board of Directors, American College Health Association [ACHA]
Deb Hudson, Insurance Manager, Human Resources Department, County of Allen, Indiana
Deb Hurd, Vice President, Acute Care Nursing, St. John's Hospital
Deb Hymer, Manager, Member Services, Health Action Council Ohio [HAC]
Deb Ingwersen, Customer Service Representative, Gas Accounting, Tenaska Marketing Canada
Deb Ireland, Assistant U.S. Attorney, Criminal Division, Tennessee - Western District, United States Department of Justice [DOJ]
Deb Jackson, Production Administrator, Cincinnati Opera Association
Deb Johannes, District Director, Jeffersonville Office, Office of Representative Todd Young
Deb Johnson, Director, Office of Community Development, State of Maine
Deb Kantrud, Jamestown Regional Director, Small Business Development Center [SBDC], State of North Dakota
Deb Kees, Development Officer, Annual Giving Programs, Providence Montana Health Foundation
Deb Kenney, Vice President, Human Resources and Administration, National Shooting Sports Foundation, Inc. [NSSF]
Deb Kerschner, Planning and Performance Director, Minnesota Department of Corrections [DOC], State of Minnesota
Deb Kestner, Chairman, Saginaw County Board of Public Health, County of Saginaw, Michigan
Deb Kirby, Marketing Director, Kirton McConkie PC
Deb Kline, Corporate Communications, North America and Global Technology PR, Avaya Inc.
Deb Knecht, Chairman, South Dakota Democratic Party
Deb Kowalski, Coordinator, Medical Staff Services, McLaren-Greater Lansing
Deb Krmpotic, Chief Executive Officer, Banner Estrella Medical Center
Deb Kruser, Member, External Advisory Committee, Center for Translational Science Activities [CTSA], Mayo Clinic
Deb Laman, Advertising Consultant, The Lima News
Deb Lauer, Vice President, Leadership and Organizational Development, Eaton Corporation plc
Deb Lawler, Anchor, WBZ NewsRadio Morning News, WBZ-AM
Deb Ledvina, Ombudsman, Minnesota Department of Transportation [MnDOT], State of Minnesota
Deb Leonard, Administrative Services Manager, Office of the County Attorney, County of Polk, Iowa
Deb Leonard, Director, Board of Directors, Book Industry Charitable Foundation [BINC]
Deb Lewis, Administrator for System and Member Services, Onondaga County Public Library [OCPL], County of Onondaga, New York
Deb Liddiard, Director of Application Services, Department of Information Technology, County of Onondaga, New York
Deb Linder, Senior Economist, Macroeconomic Analysis Section, Research and Statistics Division, Federal Reserve System [FRS]
Deb Lindsey, Assessment Unit Leader, Wyoming Department of Education [WDE], State of Wyoming
Deb Lindsten, County Clerk, Office of the County Clerk, County of Cheyenne, Kansas
Deb Littlejohn, Clerk of Court, Wapello County, Eighth Judicial District, Iowa District Courts
Deb Love, Senior Vice President and Division Director West, The Trust for Public Land [TPL]
Deb Loverude, Financial Operations Manager, Gislason & Hunter LLP
Deb Lyons, Clinical Director, Orthopedic and Joint Surgery, Community Hospital East [CHE]
Deb Mansfield, Budget Analyst, Finance Department, Iowa City, Iowa
Deb Martin, News Editor, Columbus Bureau, Associated Press [AP]
Deb Martin, Vice President, Finance and Administration and Chief Financial Officer, Franklin Pierce University
Deb May, Senior Project Manager, Natural Resources Systems Development, United States Department of Agriculture [USDA]
Deb Mazzocco, Team Leader, Washington County and Wisconsin, St. Paul Pioneer Press
Deb McCarrel, Bureau of Operations Deputy Director, Chicago Headquarters, Department of Children and Family Services [DCFS], State of Illinois
Deb McCaslin, Director-at-Large, Board of Directors, National Newspaper Association [NNA]
Deb McCune, Vice President, Stewardship and Development Operations, Hoag Hospital Foundation, Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian [Hoag Hospital]
Deb McDermott, Chief Financial Officer, Department of Human Services [DHS], State of North Dakota
Deb McWilliams, Volunteer Services, Nebraska State Historical Society [NSHS], State of Nebraska
Deb Medenbach, Community News Coordinator, News Desk, Middletown Times Herald-Record
Deb Merrill, Office Manager, Recorder's Office, County of McHenry, Illinois
Deb Mertz, Chief Financial Officer, ASSA, Inc.
Deb Moberg, Secretary, District 2, Office of Coal Mine Safety and Health [CMSH], United States Department of Labor [DOL]
Deb Mortlock, Project Coordinator, Palouse Transmission Line Project, Avista Utilities
Deb Murphy, Executive Vice President, Healthcare Operations, Trover Solutions, Inc.
Deb Nelson, Management Services Director, Associate Chief Information Officer for Management, Internal Revenue Service [IRS], United States Department of the Treasury [TREAS]
Deb Nesbit, Life Advisor, Board of Directors, Children's Cancer Research Fund
Deb Nolan, Member, Board of Commissioners, County of Ingham, Michigan
Deb North, Canteen Service Director, Aleda E. Lutz VA Medical Center [Saginaw VA Medical Center], United States Department of Veterans Affairs [VA]
Deb Nurmela, Billings Supervisor, Center for Intensive Addiction Services, Marquette General Hospital, Inc. [Marquette General Health System]
Deb Ochs, Director, Board of Directors, Munson Healthcare
Deb Odens, Chief Pharmacist, Lower Brule (SD) Service Unit [Lower Brule Indian Health Clinic], Indian Health Service [IHS], United States Department of Health and Human Services [HHS]
Deb Ohnoutka, Chief Nursing Officer, St. Joseph Medical Center
Deb Olerud, Secretary, South Dakota State Office, United States Department of Agriculture [USDA]
Deb Otto, Director, Donor Resources, Miller-Keystone Blood Center
Deb Owen, Safety and Training Manager, Environmental Services, Public Works Department, City of San Diego, California
Deb Parker, Deputy State Director, Minnesota Rural Development State Office, Office of the Under Secretary, United States Department of Agriculture [USDA]
Deb Paron, Supervisor, Transplant Center (Lung/Liver), Nursing, University of Michigan Health System [UMHS]
Deb Peck, Community Activities and Services Administrator, Aging Partners, City of Lincoln, Nebraska
Deb Perelman, Blogger, Smitten Kitchen
Deb Peters, Senator, South Dakota Senate
Deb Pfeffer, Circuit Clerk, Charles Mix County, First Judicial Circuit, South Dakota Circuit Courts
Deb Placey, Islanders Host and Reporter, Madison Square Garden Networks [MSG]
Deb Prins, Clinic Manager, Baum Harmon Mercy Hospital
Deb Quackenbush, General Supervision and Monitoring Director, Transformation and Innovation Division, Education Department, State of Vermont
Deb Radi, Education, Exercises, Planning Unit Supervisor, Office of Emergency Preparedness, Minnesota Department of Health [MDH], State of Minnesota
Deb Ranum, Chair, Office of the Board of County Commissioners, County of Fallon, Montana
Deb Rasmussen, Vice President, Voluntary Benefits Claims, Unum Group
Deb Ratliff, Executive Secretary, Best & Flanagan LLP
Deb Redding, Director, General Assistance Department, County of Douglas, Nebraska
Deb Reed, Secretary, Cystinosis Research Network, Inc. [CRN]
Deb Richardson, Chief Operating Officer, Illinois Neurological Institute [INI]
Deb Riechmann, Foreign Affairs/State Department Correspondent, National Desk, Associated Press [AP]
Deb Rifenbark, Director of Records and Compliance, Stinson Leonard Street LLP
Deb Rislow, Senior Vice President, Clinical Operations, and Chief Information Officer, Gundersen Health System
Deb Robarge, Health Center Director, Indiana School for the Deaf [ISD], State of Indiana
Deb Robinson, Contract Specialist, Division of Contract Management, Colorado Department of Human Services [CDHS], State of Colorado
Deb Rodahl, Region V Director, Board of Directors, American Society for Clinical Laboratory Science [ASCLS]
Deb Rose, Systems Administrator, Information Technology, World Learning, Inc.
Deb Rosenbaum, Administrative Assistant, Fire Department, City of Valparaiso, Indiana
Deb Rox, Contributing Editor, BlogHer
Deb Sacco, Assistant to the Publisher, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Deb Salas, City Clerk/Treasurer, Office of the City Clerk/Treasurer, City of Kenosha, Wisconsin
Deb Sander, Payroll Manager, Payroll Division, Finance Department, City of Omaha, Nebraska
Deb Sawch, Chair, Advisory Board, Teach For America, Inc. [TFA]

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