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Darryl Hair, Executive Director, Sherman & Howard L.L.C.
Darryl Halbert, Deputy Chief of Police, Fulton County Police Department [FCPD], County of Fulton, Georgia
Darryl Haley, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Board of Trustees, Southwest Ohio Regional Transit Authority [SORTA]
Darryl Hamm, University Counsel, California State University, Fresno [Fresno State]
Darryl Harley, Safety and Health Program Manager, Operations, Recreation and Engineering Team, Forest Service -- Region 8 (Southern Region), United States Department of Agriculture [USDA]
Darryl Harrington, District Conservationist, Lillington (NC) Field Office, Natural Resources Conservation Service [NRCS], United States Department of Agriculture [USDA]
Darryl Harris, Program Specialist, Atmospheric Chemistry Program, Directorate for Geosciences [GEO], National Science Foundation [NSF]
Darryl Hass, Vice President, Health, Safety, Environment and Sustainable Development, ConocoPhillips Canada [CPC]
Darryl Haynes, Council Member, Office of the Mayor and City Council, City of Mansfield, Texas
Darryl Hendricks, Information's Technology and Communications Director, Preti, Flaherty, Beliveau & Pachios, LLP
Darryl Hill, Chair, ASSE Foundation, American Society of Safety Engineers [ASSE]
Darryl Hill, Information Security Bureau Director, Department Services Administration, Department of State, State of Michigan
Darryl Holloman, Associate Vice President, Student Affairs and Dean of Students, Georgia State University
Darryl Holt, Special Assistant for Constituent Services, Office of the Governor, Commonwealth of Virginia
Darryl Honda, President, Board of Appeals, City and County of San Francisco, California
Darryl Hondorp, Supervisory Fishery Biologist, Great Lakes Science Center [GLSC], United States Geological Survey [USGS], United States Department of the Interior [DOI]
Darryl Irick, President, New York City Transit [NYCT], New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority [MTA]
Darryl Jackson, District Director, Houston Office, Office of Representative Sheila Jackson Lee
Darryl James, Area Manager, Field Liaison, Department of the Chief Executive Officer, Corporation for National and Community Service [CNCS]
Darryl Jayson, Chief Operating Officer, Tobacco Merchants Association, Inc. [TMA]
Darryl Joe, FOIA Officer, Inspector General [IG], Office of the Secretary, United States Department of Veterans Affairs [VA]
Darryl Johnson, Director, Board of Directors, Kinecta Federal Credit Union
Darryl Johnson, Soil Conservation Technician, Orangeburg County (SC) Field Office, Natural Resources Conservation Service [NRCS], United States Department of Agriculture [USDA]
Darryl Jones, Fire Chief, Fire Bureau, Public Safety Department, City of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Darryl Jones, Supervisory Engineering Equipment Operator, Roseburg (OR) District Office, Bureau of Land Management [BLM], United States Department of the Interior [DOI]
Darryl Jones, Trustee, Board of Trustees, Saint Louis University [SLU]
Darryl Kilpatrick, Scheduling Analyst, Central Valley Gas Storage LLC
Darryl Knee, Manager, BDL Customer Service, Buckeye Development & Logistics, LLC [BDL]
Darryl LaCounte, Regional Director, Rocky Mountain Regional Office, Bureau of Indian Affairs [BIA], United States Department of the Interior [DOI]
Darryl Laddin, Partner, Bankruptcy, Creditors' Rights and Financial Restructuring Practice, Arnall Golden Gregory LLP [AGG]
Darryl Landis, Vice President and Chief Medical Officer, Genova Diagnostics [GDX]
Darryl Langley, Supervisory Chemist, Arkansas Regional Laboratory, Food and Drug Administration [FDA], United States Department of Health and Human Services [HHS]
Darryl Lemecha, Director, Board of Directors, National Society to Prevent Blindness [Prevent Blindness]
Darryl Leong, Medical Director, Quality Improvement, Care1st Health Plan, Inc.
Darryl Lesak, Director, Environmental Services, City of Victoria, Texas
Darryl Lew, Partner, White Collar Practice, White & Case LLP
Darryl Lewis, Board Member, Advisory Board, Chicago Region, Teach For America, Inc. [TFA]
Darryl Lewis, Office of the Ombudsman Director, Covered California, State of California
Darryl Lum, Engineering Section Supervisor, Clean Water Branch, Environmental Health Administration, State of Hawaii
Darryl-lynn Oakes, Director, Communication and Executive Assistant, Idaho Hospital Association [IHA]
Darryl Mahaffy, Lead Business Opportunity Specialist, Milwaukee (WI) District Office, Region V - Great Lakes, United States Small Business Administration [SBA]
Darryl Martin, Administrator, Office of the County Judge and Commissioners, County of Dallas, Texas
Darryl Martin, District Manager, Greater South Carolina District, Capital Metro Area, United States Postal Service [USPS]
Darryl Mason, Special Assistant, Office of Inspector General, United States Environmental Protection Agency [EPA]
Darryl Matsuda, Assistant Sports Editor, Sports Desk, Mercury News
Darryl Matthews, Senior Vice President, Trimble Inc.
Darryl Mayhourn, Senior Vice President and President and Chief Executive Officer, Colfax Fluid Handling, Colfax Corporation
Darryl McAllister, Police Chief, Police Department, Union City, California
Darryl McCormick, Senior Vice President, Talent and Culture, Stamford Hospital
Darryl McDonald, Director, Printing, Graphics and Direct Mail, Office of the Senate Sergeant at Arms
Darryl McFarland, Supervisory Accountant, Finance and Review Division, Environmental Management Consolidated Business Center [EMCBC], United States Department of Energy [DOE]
Darryl Means, Deputy Regional Administrator, Region 10 - Seattle (WA), Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services [CMS], United States Department of Health and Human Services [HHS]
Darryl Millner, Developmental Disabilities Division Director, Department of Human Services [DHS], State of South Dakota
Darryl Mitchell, Contracting/Small Business Officer, 127th Wing [127 WG - Selfridge ANGB], Air Combat Command [ACC - Joint Base Langley-Eustis], United States Department of the Air Force [USAF]
Darryl Mitchell, Strategic Sourcing Director, State Purchasing, Department of Administrative Services [DOAS], State of Georgia
Darryl Moon, Contract Specialist, Fargo VA Health Care System, VISN 23 - VA Midwest Health Care Network, United States Department of Veterans Affairs [VA]
Darryl Moore, Director, Regional Office of Quality Performance, Region IX, Social Security Administration [SSA]
Darryl Morrow, Chief Inspector, Region VIII, Federal Railroad Administration [FRA], United States Department of Transportation [DOT]
Darryl Moss, Aide to the Mayor, Office of the Mayor, City of Springfield, Massachusetts
Darryl Moss, Partner, Weissman
Darryl Murray, Director, Undergraduate Scholarship Program, Postbaccalaureate and Summer Research Program, National Institutes of Health [NIH], United States Department of Health and Human Services [HHS]
Darryl Nazareth, Senior Vice President, Operations and R&D, Ansell Limited
Darryl Nelson, Director, Board of Directors, Mid-America Coalition on Health Care [MACHC]
Darryl Ng, HIV Quality Program Deputy Director, Office of the Medical Director, AIDS Institute, State of New York
Darryl Nirenberg, Partner, Government Affairs and Public Policy, Steptoe & Johnson LLP
Darryl Olson, Chief Financial Officer, Foellinger Foundation
Darryl Overbay, Deputy Associate Director and Division Leader, Security Operations Division, Los Alamos (NM) National Laboratory [LANL], United States Department of Energy [DOE]
Darryl Owens, Representative, Kentucky House of Representatives
Darryl Palmer, Manager, Strategic Sourcing, Salt River Project [SRP]
Darryl Pappin, Associate Professor, Watson School of Biological Sciences [WSBS], Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory [CSHL]
Darryl Parker, Director, Department of Elections, County of Montgomery, Alabama
Darryl Parson, County Solicitor, Department of Law, County of New Castle, Delaware
Darryl Parsons, Information Security Branch Chief, Division of Security Operations, Office of Nuclear Security and Incident Response [NSIR], United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission [NRC]
Darryl Peek, Director of Operations, Office of the Chief Technology Officer, Office of the Chief Information Officer, United States Department of Homeland Security [DHS]
Darryl Pitcher, First Vice President, Executive Committee, International Federation of Hospital Engineering [IFHE]
Darryl Polk, DoIT Manager, Administrative Services Department, City of Rancho Cucamonga, California
Darryl Pon, Planning and Development Division, Los Angeles Zoo and Botanical Gardens, City of Los Angeles, California
Darryl Pope, Athletic Director, Fort Valley State University [FVSU]
Darryl Porter, Vice President, Services and Commercial Leasing, Army and Air Force Exchange Service [AAFES], United States Department of Defense [DOD]
Darryl Qualls, Deputy Chief of Police, Police Department, City of Pasadena, California
Darryl Rich, Administrative Coordinator, Medication Safety Officers Society [MSOS]
Darryl Richardson, Contract Specialist, Naval Special Warfare Command [NAVSPECWARCOM], Chief of Naval Operations [CNO], United States Department of the Navy [USN]
Darryl Rickner, Director, Site Operations and Maintenance Division, Strategic Petroleum Reserve Project Management Office, United States Department of Energy [DOE]
Darryl Riegsecker, Council Member, Office of the County Council, County of Elkhart, Indiana
Darryl Roberts, Labor and Employee Relations Staff Director, J1 Human Resources [Fort Belvoir], Defense Logistics Agency [DLA - Fort Belvoir], United States Department of Defense [DOD]
Darryl Robinson, Executive Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer, Dignity Health
Darryl Rose, Vice President of Marketing, Energex American, Inc.
Darryl Rouson, Senator, Florida Senate
Darryl Sargent, Vice President, National Security & Space Systems, Charles Stark Draper Laboratory, Inc. [Draper Laboratory]
Darryl Saunders, Treasurer, Board of Directors, Oregon Coalition of Health Care Purchasers [OCHCP]
Darryl Schall, Director, Board of Directors, Halcón Resources Corporation
Darryl Schriver, Chief Executive Officer, United Power, Inc.
Darryl Scott, Director, Admission, Student and Career Development, New York State College of Human Ecology, Cornell University
Darryl Scott, Vice President, Contracts and Pricing, The Boeing Company
Darryl Seavey, Vice President and Director, Acquisitions, Raymond James Tax Credit Funds, Inc. [RJTCF]
Darryl Sharpton, Chairman, Public Health Trust, Jackson Health System
Darryl Sims, Director, Athletics, University of Wisconsin Oshkosh [UW Oshkosh]
Darryl Slater, Reporter, Jets, Sports Desk, The Star-Ledger
Darryl Smette, Director, Board of Directors, Panhandle Oil and Gas Inc.


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