Debbie Plass, Vice President, Marketing and Business Development, Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital [SNMH]
Debbie Plotnick, Vice President, Mental Health and Systems Advocacy, Mental Health America [MHA]
Debbie Poe, Vice President, Human Resources, National Christian Charitable Foundation Inc.
Debbie Pollan, Corporate Controller and Treasurer, Anderson-Tully Corporation, Inc.
Debbie Pollart, Director, Public Works Department, City of San Leandro, California
Debbie Pope, Executive Vice President, Development, National Multiple Sclerosis Society [National MS Society]
Debbie Popwell, Director, Office of Certification Administration, Alabama Department of Mental Health [ADMH], State of Alabama
Debbie Poss, IT Applications Administrator, Office of the Chief Engineer, Georgia Department of Transportation [GDOT], State of Georgia
Debbie Postany, Clerk of the District Court, Loup County, Eighth Judicial District, Nebraska District Courts
Debbie Potter, Director, Community Development Department, City of Alameda, California
Debbie Potter, Director, Information Services, The Seattle Foundation
Debbie Powell, Deputy Associate Commissioner, Family and Youth Services Bureau [FYSB], Administration on Children, Youth and Families [ACYF], United States Department of Health and Human Services [HHS]
Debbie Presser, General Sales Manager, WPIX-TV [PIX]
Debbie Pressman, Chief of Staff, State and Private Forestry [SPF], Forest Service [FS], United States Department of Agriculture [USDA]
Debbie Prior, Human Resources Director, Best Best & Krieger LLP
Debbie Purcell, Manager, Signature Events, Make-A-Wish Foundation of Illinois
Debbie Pusateri, Vice President, Critical Care Services, Emergency Services, Florida Hospital
Debbie Puzzo, Confidential Assistant to the Governor, Office of the Governor, Commonwealth of Virginia
Debbie Rade, Technical Coordinator, Adams County Housing Authority [ACHA], County of Adams, Colorado
Debbie Radzinski, Budget Officer, Center for Coastal Environmental Health and Biomolecular Research, National Ocean Service [NOS], United States Department of Commerce [DOC]
Debbie Rahn, Director, Infection Control, St. Bernardine Medical Center [SBMC]
Debbie Ralon, Executive Assistant, Radiation Oncology, The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center [MD Anderson Cancer Center]
Debbie Ramsburg, Manager, Reimbursement and Practice Development, Society of Interventional Radiology [SIR]
Debbie Rankin, Scheduler/ Executive Assistant, Office of the Lieutenant Governor, State of Tennessee
Debbie Ream, Director, Public Relations, Mount St. Mary's College [MSMC]
Debbie Reed, Director of Human Relations, Wisconsin State Journal
Debbie Reeves, Manager, Data Processing, Grogan's Healthcare Supply
Debbie Renfroe, Member, Board of Directors, Mississippi Disaster Recovery Fund, State of Mississippi
Debbie Reyna, Manager, Products and Services, Federation Physician Data Center, The Federation of State Medical Boards of the United States, Inc. [FSMB]
Debbie Rice, Associate Dean, Business and Financial Services, School of Education, Johns Hopkins University
Debbie Richardson, Administrative Assistant, St. Francis Foundation
Debbie Richcreek, Executive Assistant, Marsh Supermarkets, Inc.
Debbie Rickard, General Services Director, Missouri Department of Transportation [MoDOT], Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission, State of Missouri
Debbie Rickelman, Vice President and Quality Officer, WHA Information Center, LLC [WHAIC]
Debbie Riddle, Representative, Texas House of Representatives
Debbie Riddle, Circuit Clerk, Lawrence County, Twenty-Second Judicial Circuit, Tennessee Circuit Courts
Debbie Riley, Managing Partner, Chicago, IL Office, Quintairos, Prieto, Wood & Boyer, P.A.
Debbie Rippy, District Secretary, Gallatin (TN) Field Office, Natural Resources Conservation Service [NRCS], United States Department of Agriculture [USDA]
Debbie Rittimann, Accounting, The Alamo
Debbie Roberts, State Building Authority Director, Department of Treasury, State of Michigan
Debbie Roberts, Member, Board of Advisors, Catalyst Inc.
Debbie Robinett, Administrative Assistant, Sanpete Valley Hospital
Debbie Robinson, Human Resources Director, Washington State Lottery, State of Washington
Debbie Rodekohr, Administrative Assistant, Excise Tax Division, State of Wyoming
Debbie Rodella, Representative, New Mexico House of Representatives
Debbie Rodgers, Associate Dean, Teachers College, Ball State University
Debbie Rogers, Executive Assistant, Tyson Foods, Inc.
Debbie Rogind, Software Engineering Department Head, Instrumentation and Controls Division, SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory [SLAC], United States Department of Energy [DOE]
Debbie Rohde, Courtroom Deputy, Chambers of Bankruptcy Judge Janice Loyd, United States Bankruptcy Court for the Western District of Oklahoma
Debbie Rollins, Chief Deputy, Office of the County Clerk, County of Hamilton, Tennessee
Debbie Romero, Deputy Clerk, New Mexico Supreme Court
Debbie Rose, Member, Loudoun County School Board [LCSB], Loudoun County Public Schools [LCPS], County of Loudoun, Virginia
Debbie Rosemeyer, Finance Division Director, State of Indiana Board of Animal Health [BOAH], State of Indiana
Debbie Roth, Manager, Airports Division, Federal Aviation Administration [FAA], United States Department of Transportation [DOT]
Debbie Rothwell, Marketing Director, NASA Tech Briefs
Debbie Rudolph, County Clerk, Office of the County Clerk, County of Hamilton, Texas
Debbie Rudsinski, Career Law Clerk, Chambers of Justice Bertina E. Lampkin, Illinois Appellate Court, First District, Division Six
Debbie Russell, Accounting Manager, Lane, Alton & Horst, LLC
Debbie Rutan, Assistant Director of Information Technology Administration, Department of Information Technology, County of Washington, Pennsylvania
Debbie Ryan, Office Manager, Columbus, OH Office, McNees Wallace & Nurick LLC
Debbie Rynhoud, Executive Assistant, Esterline Technologies Corporation
Debbie Sagen, Secretary, Board of Directors, AspenPointe, Inc. [AspenPointe]
Debbie Salas-Lopez, Chair, Department of Medicine, Lehigh Valley Hospital [LVH]
Debbie Salce, Vice President and Treasurer, Pitney Bowes Inc.
Debbie Salmon, Human Resources Liaison, Muskogee (OK) Regional Office, Veterans Benefits Administration [VBA], United States Department of Veterans Affairs [VA]
Debbie Salzsieder, Circuit Clerk, Custer County, Seventh Judicial Circuit, South Dakota Circuit Courts
Debbie Sams, Program Assistant, Intergovernmental Affairs, Assistant Secretary for Public and Intergovernmental Affairs, United States Department of Veterans Affairs [VA]
Debbie Saran, Director, Board of Directors, Northwestern Lake Forest Hospital [NLFH]
Debbie Sasko, Assistant Vice President, Information Services, Intermodal Association of North America [IANA]
Debbie Saslow, Director, Breast and Gynecologic Cancer, American Cancer Society, Inc.
Debbie Savoie, Vice President, Data Analysis and Business Development, Nautilus Insurance Company, W.R. Berkley Corporation
Debbie Sayles, Vice President and Chief Nursing Officer, Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Crippled Children [TSRHC]
Debbie Sceiger, Assistant Unit Director, Neuroscience and Stroke Unit, Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center
Debbie Scerbo, Office Manager, Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Association [HPBA]
Debbie Schaefer-Jacobs, Associate Curator, Home and Community Life Division, National Museum of American History [NMAH], Smithsonian Institution [SI]
Debbie Schaffel, Trustee, Board of Trustees, Professional Liability Underwriting Society [PLUS]
Debbie Scharf, Director, Equipment Division, Natural Resources Canada [NRCan], Canada
Debbie Schertzer, Executive Assistant, Office of the State Treasurer, State of Missouri
Debbie Schiffman, Assistant Vice President, Operations, Unity Health Plans Insurance Corporation [Unity Health Insurance]
Debbie Schneider, Director, Budget and Risk Management Department, County of Tarrant, Texas
Debbie Schrubb, Director, Health Information Management Systems, Kettering Health Network [KHN]
Debbie Schwartz, Senior Vice President, Finance and Administration, Center on Budget and Policy Priorities
Debbie Scott, Deputy Coordinator, Office of Emergency Management, County of Liberty, Texas
Debbie Scott, Chief, Strategic Planning Branch, United States Customs and Border Protection [CBP], United States Department of Homeland Security [DHS]
Debbie Scott, Clerk and Recorder, Office of the Clerk and Recorder, County of Beaverhead, Montana
Debbie Scripps, Trustee, Board of Trustees, Drake University
Debbie Sease, Legislative Director, Sierra Club
Debbie Sechler, Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Metropolitan Transit Authority of Harris County, Texas
Debbie Seguin, Government Information Law Division Chief, Office of the Principal Legal Advisor [OPLA], United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement [ICE], United States Department of Homeland Security [DHS]
Debbie Seifert, Physician Recruiter, St. Joseph Mercy Port Huron Hospital [SJMPH]
Debbie Sembler, Trustee, Board of Trustees, University of South Florida [USF]
Debbie Senko, Office Administrator, Fort Lauderdale, FL Office, GrayRobinson, P.A.
Debbie Serot, Senior Vice President, Corporate Communications, Harland Clarke Holdings Corp.
Debbie Shealy, Human Resources Specialist, South Carolina Rural Development State Office, Rural Development [RD], United States Department of Agriculture [USDA]
Debbie Shires, Caseworker, Jackson Office, Office of Representative Stephen Fincher
Debbie Shirley, County Clerk, Office of the County Clerk, County of Hopkins, Texas
Debbie Shoemaker, Administrative Assistant, Utah County Health Department [UCHD], County of Utah, Utah
Debbie Shon, Vice President, International Trade and Global Public Policy, Washington, DC Office, United States Steel Corporation [US Steel]
Debbie Short, Program and Budget Division Chief, Office of International Conferences [IO/C], Bureau of International Organization Affairs [IO], United States Department of State [DOS]

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