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Frank Rainieri, Member, Roger Williams University [RWU], Board of Trustees
Frank Rajkowski, Lead Sports Reporter, St. Cloud Times, Sports Desk
Frank Ramirez, Senior Permit Assistance Specialist, State of California, Office of Business and Economic Development [GOBIZ]
Frank Rana, Vice President, Finance and Assistant Secretary, Dorel Industries Inc.
Frank Randazzo, Public Administrator, City of New York, New York, Bronx County Public Administrator
Frank Rapoport, Partner, Peckar & Abramson [P&A Law], Devon, PA Office
Frank Rauscher, Deputy Director, The Wistar Institute Cancer Center
Frank Raushel, Board Member, Biochemistry, Editorial Advisory Board
Frank Ravndal, President and Chief Executive Officer, Keystone Foods LLC
Frank Raymond, Administrator and County Engineer, County of Osceola, Florida, Public Works Department
Frank Razavi, Director, Business Development, Purdue University, Purdue Research Foundation, Office of Technology Commercialization
Frank Reading, Region III Manager, State of Oregon, Oregon Department of Transportation [ODOT], Highway Division
Frank Reddick, Council Member, City of Tampa, Florida, Office of the City Council
Frank Reed, Mental Health Commissioner, State of Vermont, Mental Health Department
Frank Reed, Principal, Frost Brown Todd LLC, Columbus, OH Office
Frank Reffel, Field Office Director, United States Department of Homeland Security [DHS], United States Citizenship and Immigration Services [USCIS], Norfolk (VA) Field Office
Frank Regan, Trustee, County of Baltimore, Maryland, Baltimore County Public Library [BCPL], Board of Trustees
Frank Reichel, Portfolio Manager and President, Thompson, Siegel & Walmsley, Inc.
Frank Reida, Vice Chairman, State of Nebraska, Nebraska Power Review Board
Frank Reiner, President, The Chlorine Institute, Inc. [CI]
Frank Rescigna, President, Licensing Worldwide, GUESS?, Inc.
Frank Reust, Letters Editor, St. Louis Post-Dispatch
Frank Reynolds, Director of Administration and Finance, City of Norfolk, Virginia, Convention and Visitors Bureau/VisitNorfolk
Frank Reynolds, Vice President, New York Hubs and Northeast, Envoy Air, Inc.
Frank Rhodes, Trustee, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology [KAUST], Board of Trustees
Frank Rich, Senior Transportation Engineer (Districts 2 and 3), United States Department of Transportation [DOT], Federal Highway Administration [FHWA], Engineering and Operations Team
Frank Rich, Writer-at-Large, New York
Frank Richards, Director, The Carter Center, River Blindness Elimination Program
Frank Riddick, Chief Executive Officer, Shale-Inland Holdings LLC
Frank Riley, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Viox Services, Inc.
Frank Rinkevich, Research Entomologist, United States Department of Agriculture [USDA], Agricultural Research Service [ARS], Honey Bee Breeding Genetics and Physiology Research Unit
Frank Riolo, Director, American Gaming Association [AGA], Board of Directors
Frank Risch, Director, Pioneer Natural Resources Company, Board of Directors
Frank Rispoli, Assistant Vice President, Finance, Signator Investors, Inc.
Frank Rittgen, Head, Mergers and Acquisitions, Bayer AG
Frank Rivas, Compliance Officer, American Medical Systems, LLC [AMS]
Frank Rizzo, Director, Craft & Hobby Association [CHA], Board of Directors
Frank Rizzo, Director, Real Estate, Volt Information Sciences, Inc.
Frank Roach, Chief Executive Officer, North America, Wolseley plc
Frank Robilotto, President, Arkwin Industries, Inc.
Frank Robinson, Administrator, County of Ramsey, Minnesota, Community Human Services Department, Ramsey County Care Center
Frank Robinson, Associate Director, National Aeronautics and Space Administration [NASA], John H. Glenn Research Center at Lewis Field [GRC], Safety and Mission Assurance Directorate
Frank Robinson, Director, National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum, Board of Directors
Frank Robinson, Town Manager, Town of Apple Valley, California, Office of the Town Manager
Frank Robledo, Vice President, Preconstruction, Dynalectric Company - San Diego, CA
Frank Rodarte, Environmental Scientist, Albuquerque, State of New Mexico, Resource Protection Division, Compliance and Technical Assistance Program
Frank Roddy, Executive Vice President, Finance and Administration, Swagelok Company
Frank Rodriguez, Director, California School Employees Association [CSEA], Board of Directors
Frank Rodriguez, Shareholder, Budd Larner P.C.
Frank Rogers, Farm Loan Programs Chief, United States Department of Agriculture [USDA], Deputy Administrator for Field Operations, Tennessee State Office
Frank Rogozienski, Trustee, The San Diego Museum of Art, Board of Trustees
Frank Rokosz, Deputy Assistant Inspector General for Headquarters Operations, United States Department of Housing and Urban Development [HUD], Office of Inspector General [IG], Office of Audit [OA]
Frank Rollow, Regional Vice President, Property Management, Weingarten Realty Investors
Frank Romano, Manager, Corporate Training and Development, Wilson Automotive Group
Frank Romano, Partner, Citrin Cooperman & Company, LLP
Frank Romero, Vice President and Chief Medical Officer, CoxHealth
Frank Roncey, Head, Group Risk Management, BNP Paribas, Executive Committee
Frank Ros, Trustee, WellStar Health System, Inc., Board of Trustees
Frank Rosa, Chief Operating Officer, se2
Frank Rosario, Reporter, New York Post, City Desk
Frank Rose, Assistant Secretary, United States Department of State [DOS], Under Secretary for Arms Control and International Security [T], Bureau of Arms Control, Verification and Compliance [AVC]
Frank Rose, Contributing Editor, Wired
Frank Roselieb, Member, General Reinsurance AG, Supervisory Board
Frank Rosenfeldt, Member, Bayer CropScience AG [Bayer Crop Science], Supervisory Board
Frank Ross, Chair, Polsinelli PC, Business Law Department
Frank Ross, Senior Advisor, Aecon Group Inc.
Frank Ross, Vice President, Student Life, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute [RPI]
Frank Rotella, General Foreman, County of Niagara, New York, Parks Department
Frank Roth, General Counsel, Lehigh University
Frank Rotondo, Member, State of Georgia, Homeland Security Task Force
Frank Royal, Member, Virginia General Assembly, Virginia Commission on Youth
Frank Rozsa, Research Investigator, Kellog Eye Center
Frank Rubino, Vice President, Clinical Engineering, Non-Geisinger Clients, International Shared Services, Inc. [ISS Solutions]
Frank Ruddock, Consul, Foreign Policy and Diplomacy Service, Consulate General of Canada in Boston
Frank Rudewicz, Principal, Counsel and Leader, Forensic Advisory, Marcum LLP, Boston, MA Office
Frank Rudolph, Executive Vice President, Human Resources, Devon Energy Corporation
Frank Ruff, Senator, Virginia Senate
Frank Ruggiero, Senior Vice President, Government Relations, BAE SYSTEMS, Inc.
Frank Ruhstaller, Commissioner, Health Plan of San Joaquin [HPSJ], Board of Commissioners
Frank Runion, Chief Financial Officer, Riley Hospital for Children
Frank Ruperto, Senior Vice President, Finance and Strategy and Chief Financial Officer, Rayonier Advanced Materials Inc.
Frank Russell, Labor Relations Manager, State of Michigan, Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs [LARA], Human Resources Office
Frank Russell, Member, Zoological Society of Cincinnati [Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden], Board of Trustees
Frank Russell, President and Chief Executive Officer, Russell Insurance Group, Inc.
Frank Russo, Assistant Director for Border Security, United States Department of Homeland Security [DHS], United States Customs and Border Protection [CBP], New York Field Operations
Frank Russo, Senior Vice President, Business Development and Client Relations, Spectra Venue Management
Frank Russo, Vice President and Corporate Manager, Quality and Six Sigma, Bechtel Group, Inc.
Frank Russo, Vice President, Risk Management, Silverado Senior Living, Inc.
Frank Rutten, President, Radiant Color N.V.
Frank Ryan, Director, American College of Cardiology Political Action Committee
Frank Ryback, Grants/Investment Manager, Missouri Foundation for Health [MFH]
Frank Rybicki, Chair, Radiology, University of Ottawa, Faculty of Medicine, School of Medicine
Frank Sachs, Director, College Counseling, Upper School, The Blake School
Frank Sacr, Managing Director, Infrastructure and Transportation, SG Americas Securities, LLC
Frank Saeli, Global Head, Distribution Services and U.S. Head, Sales and Relationship Management, Manulife Financial Corporation, Manulife Asset Management
Frank Sagona, Biologist, United States Department of Agriculture [USDA], Natural Resources Conservation Service [NRCS], Ecological Sciences and Planning
Frank Sala, National Volunteer Program Director, Myasthenia Gravis Foundation of America, Inc. [MGFA]
Frank Salinger, Washington Counsel, National Association of Industrial Bankers [NAIB]
Frank Salvato, Assistant City Manager, City of Midland, Texas, Office of the City Manager


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