Kevin McCarthy, Representative, California
Kevin McCarthy, Director of Finance and Administration, Bonner Kiernan Trebach & Crociata, LLP
Kevin McCarthy, Associate Editor, Health & Family, Consumer Reports
Kevin McCarthy, Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer, KA Fund Advisors, LLC
Kevin McCarthy, Superintendent, Public Works Division, Public Services Department, City of Farmington Hills, Michigan
Kevin McCarthy, Public Safety Director, Police Department, Village of Bolingbrook, Illinois
Kevin McCarthy, Vice President, Operations, Concord Hospital
Kevin McCarthy, Facilities Administrator, Facility and Fleet Division, Public Service Department, City of Toledo, Ohio
Kevin McCarthy, Investigation Division Director, Public Protection and Advocacy Bureau, Office of the Attorney General, Commonwealth of Massachusetts
Kevin McCartney, Senior Vice President, Government Relations, Boys & Girls Clubs of America [BGCA]
Kevin McCarty, Assembly Member, California State Assembly
Kevin McCarty, Commissioner, Office of Insurance Regulation, Financial Services Commission, State of Florida
Kevin McCarty, Assistant Executive Director, Transportation and Communications Policy, The United States Conference of Mayors [USCM]
Kevin McCarty, Vice President, Compliance and Administration, Capital Wine & Spirits Company, LLC
Kevin McCauley, Senior Editor, Jack O'Dwyer's Newsletter
Kevin McClain, Member, Authority Board, State of Illinois
Kevin McClain, President, The Weitz Company
Kevin McClatchy, Chairman, Board of Directors, The McClatchy Company
Kevin McClearn, District 2 Chief Engineer, District Offices, Highways Department, Commonwealth of Kentucky
Kevin McClendon, Attorney-in-Charge, Plano (TX) Office, Executive Office for United States Attorneys [EOUSA], United States Department of Justice [DOJ]
Kevin McCluskey, Public Affairs Director, Water Resources Authority, Commonwealth of Massachusetts
Kevin McCombs, Security Services Group, Security and Emergency Actions, Facilities, Security and Contracting [FSC], United States Office of Personnel Management [OPM]
Kevin McConnell, Trustee, Board of Trustees, Martha Jefferson Hospital
Kevin McCormack, Host, Religion on the Line, WABC-AM
Kevin McCormack, Press Officer, US, WPP Group USA, Inc.
Kevin McCormally, Corporate Vice President, Editorial, The Kiplinger Washington Editors, Inc.
Kevin McCormick, President, Production, Warner Bros. Pictures, Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. [WB]
Kevin McCotter, Director, Board of Directors, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana [BCBSLA]
Kevin McCoy, Chief, Security Management Branch, Business Support Services [NA], United States National Archives and Records Administration [NARA]
Kevin McCoy, President, National Office Furniture, Kimball Office Furniture
Kevin McCoy, Magistrate Judge, Chambers of Magistrate Judge (part time) Kevin F. McCoy, United States District Court for the District of Alaska
Kevin McCoy, Outdoor Recreation Planner, Vale (OR) District Office, Bureau of Land Management [BLM], United States Department of the Interior [DOI]
Kevin McCoyd, Trustee, Board of Trustees, Dominican University
Kevin McCracken, Senior Vice President, Spirits, Southern Wine & Spirits of Nevada [SWS-NV], Southern Wine & Spirits of America, Inc. [SWS]
Kevin McCray, Chief Executive Officer, National Ground Water Association [NGWA]
Kevin McCue, Director of Alumni Relations and Special Projects, Baker & Hostetler LLP
Kevin McCumber, Office of Legislative Operations Deputy Chief, Office of the Clerk of the House of Representatives
Kevin McCune, Chief Medical Officer, Advocate Medical Group
Kevin McCurry, Senior Vice President, Corporate Development and Strategy, SunGard Data Systems Inc.
Kevin McDermott, Politics and Government Reporter, Illinois State House Bureau, St. Louis Post-Dispatch
Kevin McDermott, Member, Leadership Council, The Wistar Institute
Kevin McDonald, Scheduler, Office of Senator Patrick J. Leahy
Kevin McDonald, Magistrate Judge, Chambers of Magistrate Judge Kevin F. McDonald, United States District Court for the District of South Carolina
Kevin McDonald, Vice President, Diversity and Inclusion, Rochester Institute of Technology [RIT]
Kevin McDonald, Vice President, Fiber Glass, PPG Industries, Inc.
Kevin McDonald, Emeritus Director, Board of Directors, Kettering Medical Center Foundation [KMCF]
Kevin McDonald, Senior Vice President, Corporate Human Resources, Tetra Tech, Inc.
Kevin McDonald, Portfolio Manager, TIFIA Joint Program Office, Federal Highway Administration [FHWA], United States Department of Transportation [DOT]
Kevin McDonnell, Associate Research Editor, Esquire
Kevin McDonnell, Member, Canadian Environmental Protection Act (CEPA) National Advisory Committee, Environment Canada, Canada
Kevin McDonough, Columnist, Universal Uclick
Kevin McDonough, President, Interbake Foods LLC
Kevin McDougal, President, Airgas USA, LLC Great Lakes Region
Kevin McDowell, Safety and Occupational Health Manager, Lower Colorado Dams Office, Bureau of Reclamation [USBR], United States Department of the Interior [DOI]
Kevin McEneaney, Member, Board of Land Surveyors, State of New Hampshire
Kevin McFadden, Partner, Zack Stamp, Ltd.
Kevin McGahren-Clemens, President, American Beverage Corporation
Kevin McGann, Partner, Marcum LLP
Kevin McGann, Vice President and President, Americas, Lumenis Ltd.
Kevin McGarity, Director, Board of Directors, Fairchild Semiconductor International, Inc.
Kevin McGarry, Vice President, Finance, U.S. Wheat Associates, Inc. [USW]
Kevin McGeachy, Executive Director and Chief of Staff, Steven & Alexandra Cohen Children's Medical Center of New York [CCMC]
Kevin McGee, Fire Chief, Department of Fire and Rescue, County of Prince William, Virginia
Kevin McGettigan, Regional Director, International Union of Elevator Constructors [IUEC]
Kevin McGill, Reporter, New Orleans Bureau, Associated Press [AP]
Kevin McGinn, Vice President and Chief Credit Officer, American International Group, Inc. [AIG]
Kevin McGinnis, Program Coordinator, American College Health Association [ACHA]
Kevin McGlinchey, Vice President, Technology Operations, HomeAdvisor
Kevin McGoff, General Counsel, Bingham Greenebaum Doll LLP
Kevin McGovern, Managing Partner, Governance, Regulatory and Risk Strategies, Deloitte & Touche LLP
Kevin McGowan, Vice President, Regulatory Affairs, Pepco Holdings, Inc. [PHI]
Kevin McGrail, Chief, Department of Neurosurgery, MedStar Georgetown University Hospital
Kevin McGrann, Executive Director, Team Boehner, National Republican Congressional Committee [NRCC]
Kevin McGrath, Contact, Government Relations Department, Phillips Nizer LLP
Kevin McGrath, Senior Trial Counsel, Enforcement, New York (NY) Regional Office, United States Securities and Exchange Commission [SEC]
Kevin McGraw, Information Systems Manager, Information Technology Section, Public Service Commission of West Virginia, State of West Virginia
Kevin McGrew, Support Services Chief, San Diego (CA) Regional Office, Veterans Benefits Administration [VBA], United States Department of Veterans Affairs [VA]
Kevin McGuiness, Chief Operating Officer, Major League Baseball Players Association [MLBPA]
Kevin McGuire, Commissioner, Department of Social Services, County of Westchester, New York
Kevin McGuire, Executive Vice President, Business Processes and Information Technology, Momentive Performance Materials Inc.
Kevin McGuire, Software Quality, Configuration and Release Management Section Chief, Delivery Management Branch, Division of Information Technology, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation [FDIC]
Kevin McGuire, Co-Director, Spine Center, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center [BIDMC]
Kevin McIntyre, Judgment Fund Branch Manager, Financial Accounting and Services Division, Financial Management Service [FMS], United States Department of the Treasury [TREAS]
Kevin McKeegan, Co-Chair, Corporate and Business Law, Meyer, Unkovic & Scott LLP
Kevin McKeller, Command Sergeant Major, Military Surface Deployment and Distribution Command [SDDC], U.S. Army Materiel Command [AMC], United States Department of the Army [USA]
Kevin McKenna, Deputy Business Editor for News, Business Day Desk, The New York Times
Kevin Mckenna, Juvenile Probation Assistant Administrator, Department of Children, Youth and Families [DCYF], State of Rhode Island
Kevin McKenna, Director, Executive Committee and Board of Directors, NAIOP, the Commercial Real Estate Development Association
Kevin McKenna, Dean, Enrollment, Sarah Lawrence College
Kevin McKenney, Government Relations Coordinator, Self-Insurance Institute of America, Inc. [SIIA]
Kevin McKenzie, Artistic Director, Ballet Theatre Foundation, Inc./American Ballet Theatre [ABT]
Kevin McKeown, Mayor, Office of the Mayor and City Council, City of Santa Monica, California
Kevin McKinney, President, McKinney Petroleum Equipment, Inc.
Kevin McKinnon, Deputy Commissioner for Economic Development, Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development [DEED], State of Minnesota
Kevin McKirnan, Clerk of the Court, Mercer County, Ohio Courts of Common Pleas
Kevin McKittrick, Principal, Northeast and Eastern Canada, Beacon Partners
Kevin McLain, Research and Grants Director, Department of Corrections [DOC], State of South Dakota
Kevin McLaughlin, Sheriff, Office of the Sheriff, County of Chittenden, Vermont
Kevin McLaughlin, Office Services Director, Office of Housing and Community Development [OHCD], City of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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