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Agnieszka Olownia, Specialist, Inspection and Administrative Ruling Department, Chief Inspectorate of Environmental Protection, Republic of Poland
Agnieszka Pinette, Attorney, Drummond Woodsum & MacMahon
Agnieszka Rawa, Managing Director, MCC-PEPFAR Partnership, Senior Officials, Millennium Challenge Corporation [MCC]
Agnieszka Rendemann, Deputy Director, Department of Climate Change, National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management, Republic of Poland
Agnieszka Rutkowska, Examiner, Supervision Midwest Region, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau [CFPB], Federal Reserve System [FRS]
Agnieszka Sakowicz, Senior Specialist, Personnel and Payroll Division, Ministry of the Environment, Republic of Poland
Agnieszka Siekierzynska, Legal Advisor, Legal Division II, Ministry of the Environment, Republic of Poland
Agnieszka Sosnowska, Deputy Director, Department of Climate Change and Atmosphere Protection, Ministry of the Environment, Republic of Poland
Agnieszka Sosnowska, Senior Specialist, Waste Management Planning Team, Ministry of the Environment, Republic of Poland
Agnieszka Strzalkowska, Specialist, Legal Division III, Ministry of the Environment, Republic of Poland
Agnieszka Szczepinska, Senior Specialist, Strategy Coordination Division, Ministry of the Environment, Republic of Poland
Agnieszka Szyk, Biochemist, Cellular Biology and Biophysics Unit, National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke [NINDS], United States Department of Health and Human Services [HHS]
Agnieszka Tomaszewska, Chief Specialist, Energy and Climate Package Division, Ministry of the Environment, Republic of Poland
Agnieszka Traczyk, Specialist, Petroleum Division, Ministry of the Environment, Republic of Poland
Agnieszka Uscimiuk, Inspector, Procurement Division, Ministry of the Environment, Republic of Poland
Agnieszka Warenica, Patient Centered Care Specialist, The Allen Hospital, NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital
Agnieszka Wozniak, Deputy Director, Minister's Secretariat, Ministry of Economy, Republic of Poland
Agnieszka Zaloga, Senior Specialist, Energy and Climate Package Division, Ministry of the Environment, Republic of Poland
Agnieszka Zawartko, Director, Department of Public Communication and Information, Energy Regulatory Office [URE], Republic of Poland
Agnieszka Zdanowska, Director, Department of Environmental Information, General Directorate for Environmental Protection [GDOS], Republic of Poland
Agnis Chakravorty, Member, Board of Directors, Woods Rogers PLC
Ago Pelisaar, Advisor, Quality Infrastructure Division, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications, Republic of Estonia
Agok Madut, Second Secretary, Permanent Mission of the Republic of South Sudan to the United Nations
Agostinho da Silva Neto, Ambassador E. and P., Embassy of the Republic of Angola
Agostino Cangemi, Managing Director, New York City, NY Office, National Strategies, LLC [NSI]
Agostino Colotti, Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer, Avrett Free Ginsberg [AFG&]
Agostino Galvagni, Chief Executive Officer, Corporate Solutions, Swiss Reinsurance Company [Swiss Re]
Agostino Renna, Chief Commercial Officer, Industry Solutions, GE Energy Connections, General Electric Company [GE]
Agrim Kaushal, Director, Plan Coordination, Trade and Environment Cell, Ministry of Environment and Forests, Republic of India
Agshin Mehdiyev, Ambassador and Permanent Observer to the United Nations, Office of the Permanent Observer for the Organization of Islamic Cooperation to the United Nations
Agueda Benito, Provost, Kendall College
Agueda Hernandez, Director, Family Medicine Residency Program, West Kendall Baptist Hospital
Agus Martowardojo, Governor, Bank Indonesia
Ágûst Hrafnkelsson, Director-at-Large, Board of Directors, The Institute of Internal Auditors [IIA]
Agusti Bordas Cusco, Senior Policy Advisor, International Energy Division, Natural Resources Canada [NRCan], Canada
Agustí Solanas, Information Systems Editor, Computing Reviews [CR]
Agustin Arbulu, Director, Department of Civil Rights, State of Michigan
Agustin Beltran, Vice Chair, Contractors State License Board, Boards, Committees and Commissions, State of California
Agustin Chacon, Vice President, International Marketing, Epson America, Inc.
Agustin Corbella, Senior Director, Governmental Affairs, Tallahassee, FL Office, Greenberg Traurig, LLP [GT]
Agustín Dávila, General Manager, First Leasing and Rental Corporation
Agustin De Goytisolo, Board Member, Foundation Board, Doctors Hospital
Agustin de Gracia, Bureau Chief, New York Bureau, EFE News Services
Agustin Formoso, Vice President, Administration, AIG Property Casualty
Agustin Fornell, Minister, Permanent Mission of Ecuador to the United Nations
Agustin Fortuno, Law Clerk, Chambers of Chief Judge Aida M. Delgado-Colón, United States District Court for the District of Puerto Rico
Agustin Garcia, Executive Director, Edinburg Economic Development Corporation, City of Edinburg, Texas
Agustin Garza, Director, Board of Directors, The American Institute of Graphic Arts [AIGA]
Agustin Gonzalez Laboy, Governor, Board of Governors, Bar Association of Puerto Rico [Colegio De Abogados De Puerto Rico]
Agustin León Cañete, Submanager, Projects, EnerPlus S.A.
Agustín Miranda Barria, Counselor, Permanent Mission of Panama to the OAS
Agustin Olvera, Director, Housing Operations Division, Planning and Community and Economic Development Department, City of Madison, Wisconsin
Agustin Palacios, Counselor and Deputy Consul General, Consulate General of Peru in Dallas
Agustin Ramos, Agricultural Specialist, Plant Health, Mexico, Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service [APHIS], United States Department of Agriculture [USDA]
Agustín Rebollo, Counselor, Permanent Mission of Spain to the United Nations
Agustin Rodriguez, Assistant General Counsel, Altria Client Services LLC
Agustin Ros, Senior Vice President, NERA Economic Consulting
Agustín Torrego, Vice President, Dragados SPL
Agustin Viola-Prioli, Vice President, Business Development, Rent-A-Center, Inc.
Agustina Andisco, Executive Assistant, Office of Representative Scott R. Tipton
Agusto Grace, Asset Management Director, Highway Division, Massachusetts Department of Transportation [MassDOT], Commonwealth of Massachusetts
Agy Ozdowski, Consumer Insights Manager, SnowSports Industries America [SIA]
Ah-Chee Neo, Vice President, Worldwide Quality, Broadcom Limited
A.H. Danser, Editorial Board Member, Editorial Board, Hypertension
Ah-Hyung Park, Associate Editor, Energy & Fuels
Ah Ng, Trustee, Board of Trustees, Foundation for Blood Research [FBR]
Ahae Cho, Systems Programmer, Office of the County Clerk, County of Bergen, New Jersey
Aharon Friedman, Tax Counsel, Subcommittee on Tax Policy, Committee on Ways and Means
Aharon Sareli, Chief, Critical Care Medicine, Memorial Regional Hospital
Aharon Zorea, Member, Wisconsin Historical Society Board of Curators, State of Wisconsin
Ahava Leibtag, Member, External Advisory Board, Center for Social Media, Mayo Clinic
Ahavah Revis, Researcher, San Francisco Business Times
Ahaviah Glaser, Member, Washington, DC Office, Cozen O'Connor
Ahdel Ahmed, Field Representative, Stockton Office, Office of Representative Jerry McNerney
Ahin Samajpati, Deputy General Manager, Production, Directorate General of Hydrocarbons, Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas, Republic of India
Ahisha Alexander, Contracting Officer, Region 6, Federal Emergency Management Agency [FEMA], United States Department of Homeland Security [DHS]
Ahlam Abdellatif, Small Business Liaison, Oakland (CA) Local Office, United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission [EEOC]
Ahlam Wahdan, Membership Services Coordinator, Flight Safety Foundation [FSF]
Ahlem Garbi, First Secretary, Permanent Mission of France to the United Nations
Ahmad Aboelezz, Vice President, Business Development and Portfolio Management, Ranbaxy Inc. [Ranbaxy U.S.]
Ahmad Abu-Hawash, Chief Structural Engineer, Office of Bridges and Structures, Iowa Department of Transportation, State of Iowa
Ahmad Al-Azzawi, First Secretary, Permanent Mission of Iraq to the United Nations
Ahmad Al-Daouk, National Security Department Manager, Office of Technical Services [OTS], Albuquerque Complex, United States Department of Energy [DOE]
Ahmad Al Thani, Deputy Chief of Mission, Consulate General of the State of Qatar in Los Angeles
Ahmad Al-Thani, Third Secretary, Permanent Mission of the State of Qatar to the United Nations
Ahmad AlMahmoud, Second Secretary, Permanent Mission of the United Arab Emirates to the United Nations
Ahmad Alomari, Co-Director, Vascular Anomalies Center [VAC], Department of Neurosurgery, Boston Children's Hospital
Ahmad AlSobai, Deputy Chief of Mission, Embassy of the State of Qatar
Ahmad Ansari, Member, Downloadable Security Technical Advisory Committee, Media Bureau, Federal Communications Commission [FCC]
Ahmad Ansari, Public Works Director/City Engineer, Public Works Department, City of Moreno Valley, California
Ahmad Aslam, Attending Physician, Department of Internal Medicine, New York Methodist Hospital
Ahmad Awadhi, Member, Governing Council, International Hospital Federation [IHF]
Ahmad Azar, Board Member, Editorial Review Board, International Journal of Energy Optimization and Engineering [IJEOE]
Ahmad Azmi, Chief Executive Officer, MASkargo, Malaysia Airlines Berhad [MAB]
Ahmad Batrash, Chief of Staff, Kansas City (MO) VA Medical Center, VISN 15 - VA Heartland Network, United States Department of Veterans Affairs [VA]
Ahmad Bawazir, First Secretary, Economic Affairs, Permanent Mission of the Republic of Indonesia to the United Nations
Ahmad Boura, Vice President, University Advancement, California State University, Chico [Chico State]
Ahmad Brewer, Veterans Justice Outreach Specialist, Birmingham (AL) VA Medical Center, VISN 7 - VA Southeast Network, United States Department of Veterans Affairs [VA]
Ahmad Chapman, Communications Specialist, Office of the Mayor and City Council, City of San Jose, California


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